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Item no.: 110607 - 62   [Part number: 303205; EAN: 4016138571035]
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Sundaya Ulitium Kit 1, 3W Solar Lighting Kit,

€ 89,95
inc VAT, ex. Delivery

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Sundaya Ulitium Kit 1, 3W Solar Lighting Kit,

Highlights & details

  • Up to 12 hours operating hours
  • Electronics and battery in-built in the lamp
  • Special developed lamps


Sundaya Ulitium Kit 1, 3W Solar Lighting Kit, - the product details below will help you select and purchase the item you want at Conrad online:

The Sundaya Ulitium series consists of LED lamps and matching solar module as well as a distribution box for plug & play installation. With a modular layout for optimum flexibility, System is suitable for both garden houses and garages as well as mobile homes and solar home systems. Users can choose to have a virtually unlimited number of lamps and use them in conjunction with each other. The LED lamps are both extremely economical and very effective. A mere 8 kJ of energy is required per hour to generate 240 lumens of light over six hours; this can be delivered by a solar module with just a 3 W output. The lamps have three different settings so even less energy is required if they are dimmed; e.g. the 120 lumens setting will allow a lamp to remain lit for 12 hours. Sundaya LED lamps are also leading the way in terms of efficiency: While the efficiency of an incandescent bulb is 1% and that of an energy-saving bulb is 5–10%, the new Sundaya LED lamp has an efficiency rating of 23%. The electronics and a lithium-ion battery are already built into the lamps. The distributor box allows you to connect the solar module directly to consumers. There's no need for a charge controller.


  • At a luminosity of 240 lumens, the battery lasts three to four years; at 120 lumens it will last six to eight years.

Included in delivery

  • White 1x Ulitium lamps
  • 3 W module including 4.5 m connecting cables
  • 1x cable per 4.5 m
  • connection box
  • User manual.

Technical data

Features with light, incl. connection cable
Category Solar kit
Colour White
Power 3 Wp
Power 3 W
Specification Expandable

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