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Item no.: 861034 - 62   [Part number: 4660700; EAN: 2050001620941]
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Bresser Optik Lunar 60/700 AZ Refractor Lens Telescope

€ 49,95
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Bresser Optik Lunar 60/700 AZ Refractor Lens Telescope

Highlights & details

  • Robust and easy to maintain
  • easy to handle
  • Incl. 2 eyepieces, erecting lens and moon filter


Bresser Optik Lunar 60/700 AZ Refractor Lens Telescope - the product details below will help you select and purchase the item you want at Conrad online:

With a lens of 60 mm refractor telescope collects this already about 30 percent more light than a telescope with a 50 mm aperture. The telescope is supplied as a complete system for the exploration of space, with stand and all accessories needed. It already allows high magnifications to about exploring lunar craters in detail. An additionally mounted on the telescope finder scope makes it easier to find the objects in the sky. By the height-adjustable stand, the telescope can be brought each to the appropriate height for large or small observer supplied diagonal ensures a comfortable viewing. At night, the moon and the planets are explored, such as Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. But the glittering Pleiades star cluster impressed young and old stargazer. With the included erecting prism obtained by day an unreversed, upright image, for example, observations of nature.


  • Optical Design: Fraunhofer Refractor (2-lens achromatic refractor)
  • azimuth (left / right and up / down swivel) mount with practical handle
  • 2 eyepieces: 4 mm (175x magnification) and 20 mm (35x magnification)
  • Continuously adjustable aluminum stand
  • erecting lens for unreversed and upright image
  • Statib can also be used for photo-and video-recordings (tripod screw 1/4 ")

Included in delivery

  • Telescope
  • 90 ° diagonal mirror
  • Viewfinder telescope 5 x 24
  • Erecting lens
  • 3-Barlow lens
  • Moon filter
  • Angular Mount
  • Aluminum Tripod
  • User manual.

Technical data

  • Optical Tube Dimensions:. (L x Ø) 680 x 90 mm, weight 600 g (with dew shield)
  • aperture: F11, 7
  • Theoretical resolution in arc seconds: 1.9 x Eyepiece Barrel diameter: 24.5 mm (1.25 ")
  • tripod height: continuously adjustable from 67 to 120 cm

Magnification 35-175 x
Focal length 700 mm
Lens diameter 60 mm
Weight 1300 g
Model Telescope

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