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USB Fan for free

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Item no.: 883593 - 62 
Part number: FX-991DE PLUS
EAN: 4971850469032
€ 33,99

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Casio FX-991DE PLUS school calculator

Technical data

Displays Natural V.P.A.M. LCD (dot-matrix), 31 x 96 dots, 10 + 2 digits
Colour Silver
Weight 95 g
Height 162 mm
Width 80 mm

Highlights & details

  • 580 functions:
  • Solar powered with battery backup
  • With hard case


Easy-to-use technical and scientific calculator with a large range of functions.
The "Natural display" lets you enter and display fractions, square roots
and other numeric expressions in the same way
as they appear in your textbook.
Power supply via solar cell with backup battery.

New features
- Distribution functions (normal distribution and inverse normal distribution, binominal distribution, Poisson distribution)
- Inequalityb solving
- Calculate the minimum and maximum of a function
- Improved equation solver
- Calculation of echelon form and reduced echelon form of matrices (Ref/ Rref)
- Recurring decimals
- Random integers
- Prime factorisation
- Verify function: test for the equality of two expressions
- Calculation of products with with a finite number of factors
- Parts of whole numbers with remainder
- Statistical calculation of quartiles
- GCD and LCM function
- 102 pairs of values for conversions

- Repeat function
- 24 bracket layers
- Variable memory (9)
- STO/RCL button

Scientific functions
- Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions
- Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic functions
- Exponential function10x, ex
- Inverse function x-1
- Power and root functions x√, √, x2, xy
- Logarithm functions (log, ln)
- Combinatorics and permutation
- Random number generator
- Conversion of polar coordinates to rectangular coordinates and vice versa
- Automatic fraction calculation (two modes)
- Conversion from sexagesimal to decimal and vice versa
- Calculations in gradians, degrees and radians
- Pi key, e key and % key
- SCI/FIX/ENG function

- List-based statistics
- Statistics with a variable
- Standard deviation
- Statistics with two variables (regression functions)
- Linear
- Exponential
- From exponential
- Logarithmic
- Power
- Inverse
- Square
- Solve/calculate
- Numerical integration
- Numerical differentiation
- ( ) -function
- Calculation with complex numbers
- a+bi /r
- Calculations on the basis of n
- Logic calculations
- Equations
- Linear equation systems
- Polynomial equations
- Matrix
- Determinants
- Inverse matrix
- Transpose matrix
- Vector
- Dot product

Natural input
- Fractions
- Roots
- Powers
- Brackets
- Amounts
- Numerical differentiation/integration
- Sums

- Non-natural input (such as the MS models)
- Output in √ form
- Output in pi form

Function table

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