PCB service

PCB service

23 Jan 2023


PCB service
We manufacture your PCB designs as of 1 piece without start-up costs

 ✔ Simple configuration with an online tool
✔ Manufacture from 1 piece without start-up costs   ✔ Guaranteed quality thanks to cooperation with Eurocircuits


Your solution for small-scale productions

Our PCB service is the ideal solution to have your Printed Circuit Board designs manufactured. Whether it's a single board for prototyping or a batch for small-scale productions, you can contact us. Thanks to a collaboration with Eurocircuits, we can produce your printed circuit boards from a single piece without start-up costs, with quality as the main focus. Thanks to years of experience in PCB production, quality is guaranteed.

Ask curious about the possibilities? Configure here your PCB.


Please get the right price right with the online calculator

For a fair and quick quote, you can use the online calculator. After entering the number of printed circuit boards, the desired delivery time, the dimensions and the number of layers, you will immediately receive a quotation. Further technical specifications can be entered during the configuration process.

Request your quote today with the online calculator.


Curious about the possibilities?

► Configure your PCB


Effortlessly have your PCBs manufactured via an online tool. Ideal for prototyping and small-scale productions

No MOQ. We manufacture as of 1 piece without any further start-up costs.

A tailor-made quote within minutes via the online price configurator 

Guaranteed quality thanks to years of experience in PCB production  

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