Assortment Expansion

+10,000 new articles in June


This month again many, many new items from dozens of brands. We have also added new brands to our range.



Weidmüller is known as an expert in the field of industrial connectors. Conrad has a complete range of almost 40,000 articles. We can order from 1 piece, but also industrial packaging up to 8,000 pieces can be ordered online. 

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In addition to wired power tools and compressed air machines, Metabo offers a wide range of battery-operated devices for cable-free construction sites. With LiHD, Metabo has the most powerful battery technology and is the leading supplier in the battery segment.

We offer thousands of Metabo articles in the following areas, among others:

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Hewlett Packard:

HP is a leading supplier in the IT and network sector. The American technology company is one of the co-founders of Silicon Valley. HP offers solutions for a wide range of applications in industry, science, government and administration, as well as in the health and education sectors. The spectrum ranges from computers, peripherals such as printers and multifunctional devices, network products and software solutions to pocket calculators.

We offer HP products in the following categories, among others:

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Leading manufacturer in Europe with a unique range from all branches of lighting. Since 1952, Brilliant has been a trendsetter with innovative lighting design and product developments such as EasyDim LED lighting aesthetics: without installing additional dimmers, luminaires can be dimmed using a normal wall switch. Brilliant light creations stand for high energy efficiency, cost savings, long life and excellent light quality.


We offer a total of 1800 Brilliant articles in the following categories:


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