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Electronic Components. The Backbone of Conrad.com.

Are you a skilled hobbyist who knows his way around circuit boards? Whatever your requirements are, Conrad Online supplies a huge variety of active and passive components, electromechanic parts as well as kits & modules.

When it comes to active electronic components, such as diodes, voltage regulators, transistors, ICs, valves and detectors, Conrad.com is the first choice for beginners, DIY'ers, enthusiasts, engineers, pros and inventors. Our range of passive electronic components comprises capacitors, coils & trimmers, resistors und buttons. Goes without saying that conrad.com also stocks a vast selection of casings, cables and wires, connectors, sensors, optoelectronics, and switches & gauges.

Apart from active and passive components, casings, cables and wires, we also supply kits & pre-assembled modules, aimed at those who are new at Electronics and want to gradually familiarise themselves with the more complex aspects of Electronic Engineering. Furthermore, our kits and modules cater for everyone who wants to start right away, without spending too much time designing everything from scratch.


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