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Get your home ready for Christmas with our decorative accessories.

Christmas decorations and festive Christmas lights provide for the certain extra in the Christmas season. Whether you are looking for Christmas lighting, trimmings, or Christmas decoration, our Christmas Shop offers a plethora of ideas and suggestions when it comes to creating the right mood for the festive season, both indoor and outdoor.

Our hassle-free all-in-one lighting sets make sure your patio, front garden, and balcony are lit up in true seasonal spirit. What's more, we also supply a wide range of accessories, such as socket strips, mains adapters, extensions, timers and replacement bulbs. Needless to say that choosing Conrad means choosing high-quality products at very competitive prices.

Christmas symbolises peace, harmony, and mutual understanding. At a time of the year when the nights are getting longer, darker and colder people long for warmth, comfort and light. Means Christmas without Christmas lighting just wouldn't feel like Christmas. Which is further underlined by millions of homes across the world being festively styled and beautifully lit up in the weeks building up to Christmas. This is also why we decided to set up this Christmas themed shop offering a huge variety of innovative lighting and creative decorations. To help you find right away what you are looking for, we've grouped our products into the following categories:

Christmas Lighting - Make the Season Sparkle

Whether you prefer classic candle lights on your Christmas tree or want to try out the latest energy-saving LED stipes for a change, Conrad Electronic supplies a huge range of decorative lighting suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Why not check out our fairy, grid and curtain lights? And there's our large selection of light tubes and net lights that'll give your porch and front door the ultimate festive sparkle.

Christmas Decorations - Style Your Festive Home

Christmas decorations are a perfect way to add extra ambience to seasonal adornment. Whether it's pre-lit LED Star lights for you window sills, or illuminated Santa sleigh and reindeer yard displays, we supply a large range of quality decorations that will delight kids and adults alike.

Tabletop Fires - Evenings Full of Atmosphere

In the case your living room doesn't have a traditional open fireplace or wood burner stove, tabletop fires are a great way to create that warm and mesmerising atmosphere most of us associate with an crackling open fire in a cosy environment. Our tabletop fireplaces feature bio-ethanol-based odour- and residue-free combustion and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

LED Candles - Pure Romantic Ambience

Enjoy the romantic flicker and ambience of authentic candle light without the downside of soot formation or unpleasant smell of smoke on furniture or curtains. Besides, LED candles do not feature any open flame, eliminating the risk of a house fire.

LED Stripes - Incredibly Versatile

LED stripes are true all-rounders. Apart from having a long lifespan and being highly energy-efficient, another advantage of LED stripe lights is that they don't emit any heat. Hence, unlike more traditional types of lighting, they can be placed in close proximity to easily flammable or generally temperature-sensitive material.

Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes form an integral part of Christmas decorations across the globe, with many of them being individually built, beautifully arranged, and continuously expanded over the years. We supply a huge selection of materials and accessories that help you build and display your very own nativity scene at its best.

Power Strips and Other Lighting Essentials

Christmas decoration not only needs to look great, it also needs to be reliable. In particular, when it comes to outdoor displays that fully bear the brunt of the sometimes rather tough weather conditions at this time of the year. Means connectors and power supply need to be up to scratch. No need to worry, though, since this section shows you all the essentials that ensure your lighting works, day in day out. By the way, using a timer not only helps you keeping track of the operating times but also pays off in terms of your post-Christmas utility bills.

Replacement Bulbs for Christmas Lighting and Tree Decorations

We've all been there - the tree's been decorated, everyone gets excited, you flip the switch, and... some of the bulbs don't spark up. No need to panic - this is precisely why we stock a large range of replacement bulbs for most types of Christmas lights and decorations.

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