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open/close I can't find the US and Canada on the list of countries you ship to. Why is that?

Unfortunately, we stopped shipping to both the US and Canada in 1991 due to high postage and insurance costs, as well as the potential Product Liability issues arising from delivering to both countries.

However, if you live in the US or Canada, would like to purchase one of our products and have friends or acquaintance overseas, why not ask them to order on your behalf?
Apart from the USA and Canada, we ship to almost every other country on the planet.

öffnen/schliessen You want to shop on conrad.com in your preferred language?

Then we have some good news for you: You can now translate our entire website into your desired language with just one click by selecting your preferred language via the "Choose language" button.
However, please note: The translation is done by a machine and Conrad.com is not liable for any translation errors. To make sure that the product properties have been translated correctly, please check the attached data sheets or contact our customer service. Our customer service is happy to assist you in German or English. Unfortunately, all other languages can not be supported.

öffnen/schliessen How can I change from the translation back to my original language?

You can return to the original language (DE, EN or FR) from any selected translation with just one click: Simply select the option "Show original" in the menu bar above the webshop. This will return the webshop to its original language.

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open/close Are your printed catalogues available in English?

Currently we are unable to provide English language versions of our printed catalogue editions.

However, our entire product range as well as our special offers, promotions and sales are available on our international website, www.conrad.com. Which is in English.

open/close How do I become one of Conrad's B2B partners?

At the moment, we are still working on the contractual set-up for partnerships between us and customers living in other countries.

However, we are already able to offer a wide range of our products at B2B discounts to customers abroad.

As the B2B discount is calculated on a per-item basis, please email or fax us a list of the products you are looking for, and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote.

open/close Can I pay via PayPal?

Yes! We are available in more than 200 markets and 26 currencies. Spend safely over borders and language barriers. PayPal will be displayed during check-out.

open/close Can I pay using a credit card?

Yes. Option will be displayed during check-out (if applicable)

open/close Selecting CC payment doesn't seem to work during check-out. Why is that?

Conrad Electronic reserves the right to limit the number of payment options available to certain customer groups.

For more information, please refer to our T & Cs.

open/close I have submitted an order, opting for payment in advance. So, what is the next step?

We shall send you a proforma invoice which will provide you with all relevant details regarding your payment.

open/close I am ordering on behalf of a company based in another country within the EU. Will my order be exempt from VAT?

    We are registered as a company with our own VAT number in the following countries:
    • HU - HU26912987
      BE - BE0848430393
      CZ - CZ683016737
      DK - DK12720866
      ES - ESN0381784H
      FI - FI24546091
      FR - FR35539566711
      GB - GB117301652
      GR - EL997472794
      IE - IE9815833V
      IT - IT00146949995
      LU - LU25153420
      LV - LV90009714656
      MT - MT20648816
      PL - PL5263083552
      PT - PT980465915
      RO - RO29608155
      SE - SE502070961301
      SK - SK4020348464
      DE - DE815412446
      NL - NL823701566B01
      LT - LT100007588814
      SI - SI29206308
      BG - BG3075318404
      EE - EE101621663
      CY - CY99200050X
      HR - HR35010465005

    • For this reason your order is a matter of domestic business and we have to charge the VAT.

open/close Why can't you just send me an invoice, to be paid after the items have been received?

Unfortunately, we don't offer invoice payment for orders delivered abroad.

open/close Why do item prices differ between different Conrad branches?

All stated prices are valid. The reason for prices differing between certain outlets is that some of these branches are in fact independent retailers who base their prices, terms and conditions on the economic, infrastructural and tax environment in their respective countries.

Unfortunately, their pricing policies are beyond our control.

open/close I would like to export items to a non-European country. How can I reclaim VAT?

Please send us the relevant customs forms (e.g. commercial invoices, etc).

open/close How can I get a commercial export invoice (required for customs)?

We can issue you with a commercial invoice. Just send us an email

open/close I would like to ask Conrad for a donation to sponsor a good cause. Who would be the best person to address?

We receive many requests every year.

Although we really would like to support each and everyone of them, the sheer number of requests requires an executive decision at the beginning of each year as to which projects and causes our company will sponsor during that year.

We are not biased towards certain charities or causes, all submitted requests are reviewed in a fair and equal manner.

The decision is final.

We, therefore, regret that we are unable to offer support for your cause at the moment and really appreciate your understanding in this matter.

open/close Do you ship to...? What are the delivery costs?

Please select your Country here!

open/close Do you offer business/high volume discounts?

Yes. Please send us an email and we are happy to give you a quote.

open/close I would like to collect the ordered items at my local Conrad outlet. Is this possible?

Yes, most of the items purchased online can be collected at one of our branches (excludes goods sold by the metre and custom-made/customized items).

open/close I've been tracking the delivery but am still told is "on its way". When precisely shall I receive my items?

If you didn't receive your order within 4 weeks after the purchase, please get in touch.

We shall immediately look into the matter and take all the necessary action.

open/close Do I have to pay import duties?

This depends on the country the items are shipped to.

For more information, please contact your local Customs & Excise office.

open/close Can I opt for items to be shipped via Express service?

Yes. Please contact our Customer Care Center who will be happy to give you a quote and assist you further.

open/close Privacy & Data Protection: how safe is my personal information?

The protection of your personal information is paramount to us.

Any personal information you provide when setting up your customer account and during the ordering process will be high-level SSL encrypted before being transferred to our server.

Moreover, we make sure that only the absolute minimum amount of encrypted data will be transferred in the first place.

For this reason, some browsers may not display the respective security icons (i.e. the padlock symbol), despite all information being properly encrypted.

open/close How do I redeem my voucher?

Vouchers can be redeemed during checkout using the "Redeem Voucher/Promo Item" option displayed in the Shopping Basket.

Enter the voucher code, and click "Redeem" to apply the voucher to your
order. You can only use one voucher per order.

Why can't I redeem my voucher?

Please get in touch - we'll look into it right away.

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