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3D Printing Services

3D printing service
Conrad - FPV Copter Series

1. Design Upload

Conrad - FPV Copter Series

2. Material & Colour Selection

Conrad - FPV Copter Series

3. (Express) Delivery

Conrad - Separator

Trinckle 3D and Conrad joined forces to offer 3d printing services covering the entire range of additive manufacturing at industry-grade quality standards. Goes without saying that this applies to both prototypes and series production. Our direct upload options, real time pricing and an easy-to-use gateway enable a quick and straightforward manufacturing of top-quality 3d objects.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Conrad - FPV-Copter Rennserie


Industry-grade standards - Made in Germany
Large selection of materials
Customise models
Complex shapes: bionic structures, filigree lightweight fabrication, moving parts
An entirely new way of designing
Conrad - FPV-Copter Rennserie


Minimum order volume: 1 piece
No extra charge for low order volumes
Lean manufacturing
Quick and cost-effective fabrication (since no tools required)
Conrad - FPV-Copter Rennserie


Quick processing
Prices calculated in real time
Automated repair of 3D objects
Trinckle Quality Guarantee
Conrad - Separator

Our 3D Printing Services. An Introduction.

1. Beispiel 3D-Druck

New Ways to Get Your Components.

We’ve all been there. You want to get on with you project but realise that in order to do so you need a custom part – whether it’s a spare, a body part for a scale model, a decorative element, or a specific component for you latest product design. Until now, there wasn’t really a way around tediously handcrafting the piece which also may have necessitated the purchase of expensive equipment. This applies to the commercial sector, too, where sky-high prices and long production times for one-off workpieces, limited-quantity print runs, production samples or prototypes frequently interfere with business development. Luckily, all this is now a thing of the past!

You Design. We Print.

We use industry-grade 3d printers to fabricate your object. And we ship it to your doorstep. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of materials and printing methods, including fused deposition modelling, full-colour CJP as well as sinter parts made from polyamide and metal.

4. Beispiel 3D-Druck

Additive Manufacturing: Applications

One-off workpieces
Limited-quantity print runs
Trade fair demo objects
Spare parts
Conceptual design objects
Product samples
Architectural models
Science & Research
Biomedical engineering
Tool and mold manufacturing
Product design
Conrad - Separator

A Few Examples to Get You Inspired...

1. Beispiel 3D-Druck
2. Beispiel 3D-Druck
3. Beispiel 3D-Druck
4. Beispiel 3D-Druck
5. Beispiel 3D-Druck
6. Beispiel 3D-Druck
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