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Cable Configuration Service

Conrad - Kabelkonfektionsservice

Conrad Cable Configuration – Cable Assembly According to Your Specs

Conrad - Cable Configuration Service Koax
Conrad - Cable Configuration Service Litze
Conrad - Cable Configuration Service

Considering the astronomical number of different connectors used across devices these days, tracking down cables with the appropriate configuration can be very challenging indeed. Whether we’re talking PC cables, industrial wiring, local area networks, robotics or car electronics, we supply cables in any shape or form. And we sell by the metre. Means 1 metre or 9 kilometres is equally fine with us. Terminated? Without connectors? The choice is yours. And our comprehensive range of cables, wires and leads makes sure you get what you need.

This also includes custom assembly of Conrad’s renkforce and SpeaKa Professional products, and a huge selection of accessories. And if you cannot find what you are looking for, our Koax24 and Litze24 configuration services offer more than 1.000 different connector types, allowing you to submit your specs online.

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