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EAGLE PCB Design Software

Autodesk EAGLE PCB Software

Autodesk’s EAGLE PCB Design Software makes PCB prototyping easy and straightforward.

  • Up to 999 circuit diagrams, 16 layers, unlimited PCB area
  • Free tech support
  • Free access to libraries
  • Free ULP scripts to modify EAGLE software
  • Windows (64-bit), Mac and Linux compatibility

Autodesk offers different packages of their PCB Design Software, such as EAGLE Standard and EAGLE Premium. Undergrads, teachers, instructors and accredited educational institutions can download a free version of EAGLE.

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EAGLE PCB Design Software (Commercial Use)

Whether you are working on your own or in a team, an EAGLE subscription comes with a

wide range of benefits

  • Immediate access to software updates
  • Work from home, at the office, and during commuting
  • Comprehensive tech support
  • Easy to install, easy user admin

EAGLE Standard includes

  • 99 schematic sheets
  • 4 signal layers
  • 160 cm2 board area

EAGLE Premium includes

  • 999 schematic sheets
  • 16 signal layers
  • unlimited board areas
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EAGLE PCB Design Freeware (Education & Training)

EAGLE software is freely available to undergrads, teachers, instructors and accredited educational institutions.

  • PCB design software for non-commercial use (courses, vocational training, professional development, secondary education, workshops, and R & D)
  • Includes 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and 80 cm2 board area
  • Term of 3 years

EAGLE. PCB Design Made Easy.

Designing PCBs and circuit diagrams requires a wide range of tools. This is why Autodesk’s EAGLE software comprises different features that include Circuit Diagram Editor, Layout Editor, Routing Engine and a component library. Key aspects of both Circuit Diagram and Layout Editor are outlined below.

Circuit Diagram Editor

Realise your ideas using effective workflows and easy-to-use EAGLE tools.

  • Multi-page circuit diagrams map the connectivity across sheets, allowing you to organise and manage large and complex projects without hassle.
  • Electrical Rule Checks (ECR) make sure your circuit diagrams are electrically consistent prior to PCB fabrication.
  • Real-time synchronisation: circuit diagrams and PCB layouts are automatically updated with any ongoing alterations. Means you can skip this step and keep focussing on the PCB design.
  • New: modular design allows unlimited reuse of components across different projects.
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PCB Layout Editor

Expand the design process benefitting from the easy-to-use layout tools that come with the PCB editor. Allows you to tackle complex projects without having to budget for extra time and resources.

  • Switch between and manage different component versions in projects using a common basic layout. Means you don’t need to start each design from scratch.
  • High-Speed Design keeps you on top of the latest design technology, giving you access to DDR4, PCI Express, USC-C and other tools.
  • Focus entirely on your project, and use the Design Rule Check option to make sure your design meets the agreed requirements.

New Layout Editor features:

  • The new Routing Engine speeds up PCB layout design significantly.
  • BGA Fanout supports quick signal escape routing, even in BGA assemblies with densely packed pins.
  • Both, the Select and Edit/Process feature have been simplified. From now on, it’s you who decides how to select, group and work on your designs.

Additional EAGLE Software features

  • Only one mouse click needed to convert PCB layouts into MCAD-compatible file formats that can be forwarded to machine tools. 3D models and STEP files help you streamline processes.
  • Download User Language Programs (ULP) scripts to boost your design tools. Alternatively, write your own scripts and modify the software according to your needs.
  • Takes one mouse click only to send your layouts to a manufacturing service, making sure you get your PCBs assembled in time.
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