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PCB design made easy

Powerful tool for every engineer

Autodesk’s EAGLE PCB Design Software makes PCB prototyping easy and straightforward. It’s easy to get started. Download EAGLE for free and try it out. The free version includes 2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and 80 cm2 board area.

Make anything with EAGLE PCB design software

Autodesk offers different packages of their PCB Design Software. Purchase options include flexible subscription terms to fit your needs.
Find out more about EAGLE Standard and EAGLE Premium. Undergrads, teachers, instructors and accredited educational institutions can download a free version of EAGLE.

✔  Up to 999 circuit diagrams, 16 layers, unlimited PCB area
✔  Free tech support
✔  Free access to libraries
✔  Free ULP scripts to modify EAGLE software
✔  Windows (64-bit), Mac and Linux compatibility

Unified Design Environment

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✔  Forward/Backward Annotation: Real time design synchronization between schematic and board layout
✔  One platform with multiple editors with same design space
✔  Define your design constrain from the schematic to manufacturing with our Design Rule Checking

Simplicity of Design

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✔  Design Blocks: Simple design reuse that stays synced between schematic and PCB
✔  Managed Libraries: Simple access to thousands of libraries (symbols, footprints and 3D models)
✔  Do more in less steps: Focus on what you want to do!

Connected Experience

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✔  ECAD-MCAD integration: More than visualization, but product development and manufacturing via a single, continuous workflow. Autodesk EAGLE is the only available solution that truly integrates electrical and mechanical design.
✔  One Click Make: Export the necessary files to get circuit boards created
✔  Check parts P&D within EAGLE and build an up-to-date BOM
Conrad and Autodesk EAGLE

EAGLE Standard

Suitable for your everyday engineering needs with even more board space than the fre EAGLE version.

✔  99 schematic sheets
✔  4 signal layers
✔  160 cm2 board area

EAGLE Premium

When you need to push the limits of PCB design the EAGLE premium version is the right choice.

✔  999 schematic sheets
✔  16 signal layers
✔  Unlimited board areas

EAGLE PCB Design Freeware

Freely available to undergrads, teachers, instructors and accredited educational institutions.

✔  PCB design software for non-commercial use (courses, vocational training, professional development, secondary education, workshops, and R & D)
✔  2 schematic sheets, 2 signal layers, and 80 cm2 board area
✔  Term of 3 years

Circuit Diagram Editor

Realise your ideas using effective workflows and easy-to-use EAGLE tools.

✔  Multi-page circuit diagrams map the connectivity across sheets, allowing you to manage large and complex projects without hassle.
✔  Electrical Rule Checks (ECR) make sure your circuit diagrams are electrically consistent prior to PCB fabrication.
✔  Real-time synchronisation: circuit diagrams and PCB layouts are automatically updated with any ongoing alterations.
✔  New: modular design allows unlimited reuse of components across different projects.

PCB Layout Editor

Expand the design process benefitting from the easy-to-use layout tools that come with the PCB editor. Allows you to tackle complex projects without having to budget for extra time and resources.

✔  Switch between and manage different component versions in projects using a common basic layout. Means you don’t need to start each design from scratch.
✔  High-Speed Design keeps you on top of the latest design technology, giving you access to DDR4, PCI Express, USC-C and other tools.
✔  Focus entirely on your project, and use the Design Rule Check option to make sure your design meets the agreed requirements.

New Layout Editor features

✔  The new Routing Engine speeds up PCB layout design significantly.
✔  BGA Fanout supports quick signal escape routing, even in BGA assemblies with densely packed pins.
✔  Both, the Select and Edit/Process feature have been simplified. From now on, it’s you who decides how to select, group and work on your designs.

Additional EAGLE Software features

✔  Only one mouse click needed to convert PCB layouts into MCAD-compatible file formats that can be forwarded to machine tools. 3D models and STEP files help you streamline processes.
✔  Download User Language Programs (ULP) scripts to boost your design tools. Alternatively, write your own scripts and modify the software according to your needs.
✔  Takes one mouse click only to send your layouts to a manufacturing service, making sure you get your PCBs assembled in time.
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