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eBusiness Solutions

Conrad eProcurement

Using our tailored eProcurement services saves you time and money. Learn more about what we offer, and how we can help you find solutions to meet your business needs.

eProcurement Service

Custom Product Catalogues Made Easy

✔ EDI connection to your systems
✔ Product range continually updated
✔ Efficient product search
✔ Real time stock availability status
✔ Pricing based on your own terms and conditions

Conrad Smart Procure

Structure Your Purchasing

✔ Browser-based application - no installation required
✔ Chart purchasing processes digitally
✔ Tailored to your needs
✔ Permanent access to all products and item availabilities
✔ Order status and purchase history available at all times
Conrad eProcure Services

eProcurement Service

Smart eProcure Using Conrad Product Details

Integrate our entire product range or customised digital catalogues into your e-procurement platform.

Configurable product range

Order processing (including order logging, order confirmation, invoices etc.) in XML, EDI etc.

Classification systems

Supports all common eClass and UNSPSC versions

Supported export file formats

BMEcat 1.2, CSV, Ariba CIF, Excel, etc. All items include keywords, images, hyperlinks, and stock availability.

Conrad Smart Procure

A Clever Solution for Managing Your Purchases

Does your company use purchase order approval procedures that turn out to be rather time-consuming? Would you like to order online to bring down costs?

Looking for a way to manage your orders and view your purchase history at the same time to streamline the purchasing process?

Looking for a comprehensive range of more than 450.000 products, all available 24/7?

You've found it.
Conrad eProcure Services - OCI Shop Integration

OCI Integration

If you are a registered customer you may use the Open Catalogue Interface (OCI). This increases the speed and lowers the cost of order processing significantly, as your e-procurement systems will no longer need to import a huge amount of product information.

✔ Direct access to the Conrad Business Shop
✔ OCI shop catalogue integration
✔ Efficient product search
✔ Real time stock availability status
✔ Pricing based on your own terms and conditions

Application Programming Interface (APIs)

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) enable turning static into dynamic punchout catalogues, making product details available in real time.

This involves HTTP requests that return product information in a split second, including price quotes, stock levels, delivery estimates, etc. Besides letting you follow up on orders by checking order confirmation and status, APIs also allow imports of original purchase orders, helping you manage the entire purchasing process.

✔ Save operating costs
✔ Transparency
✔ Save time
✔ Boost efficiency

Conrad Smart Procure Features

✔ Parametric multi-level purchase approval
✔ Business administrator
✔ Cost centre layout
✔ Budget management
✔ Shipping address management
✔ User management
✔ Reporting & Statistics options

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