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 ✔ Combine all your smart devices independently from manufacturers
✔ Monitor and control everyhting in one easy to use dashboard   ✔ Create your own unique smart applications

Let your smart devices communicate with each other

Conrad Connect provides the solution. By setting simple rules, IF the night is falling THEN activate Philips Hue lamps. Another example; IF Netatmo weather notices that it starts raining AND the Devolo sensor detects that the window isn’t closed THEN send an alert to your smartwatch. Prefer to receive a message by email, Messenger, Twitter or SMS? Conrad Connect offers you the smart solution.
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Conrad Connect - If-Then

Conrad Connect


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Is one IF/THEN rule not enough for you? 

Would you like to set-up rules that are dependent on multiple variables? Even in this case, Conrad Connect is your solution. Set-up rules of up to 20 different sensors, variables and/or actuators. Run 10 rules at the same time to combine all your connected devices into one user friendly and free software package. Hue, Smappee and GPS-services are already working with Conrad Connect but we are not there yet. We need your help. Register today as a BETA-tester and tell us what you’re missing!

Why Conrad Connect?

  • Combine all your smart devices independently from manufacturers
  • Monitor and control everyhting in one easy to use dashboard
  • Create your own unique smart applications

Select products and services that you want to combine from an expanding list of partners


Use and design your dashboard to show the status from all your devices on one place.


With simple logic and rules you can let your devices communicate with one another.


Use even more smart devices and services. With Conrad Connect you don't need to worry about the details.

Your advantages at a glance

Conrad Connect - your platform for a smarter life

Start now and discover the possibilities.

Conrad Connect is the Smart Living platform that lets you connect your smart devices and services for free, create automated projects and use dashboards. Everything is stored in a central cloud: Whether smart home automation, security system, garden irrigation or the next fitness challenge.

We now offer you our brand new Premium Services so you can extend Conrad Connect even beyond the free possibilities. Get even more out of your projects and use the appropriate options to expand the platform according to your personal needs. 

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