Conrad expands its business operations continuously, serving more and more customers every day by running one of the most advanced Logistics & Distribution Centres across Europe. Alongside traditional distribution channels, such as mail order and High Street branches, Conrad's complete product range is also available online.
Conrad's Logistics & Distribution Centre, based in the Bavarian town of Wernberg-Köblitz, and a frontrunner when it comes to European distribution technology, provides state-to-the-art facilities on a gigantic scale.
The 2-story building covers an area of approx. 485.000 ft2, including 1.000.000 ft2 of computerised stock-holding and shelving, 42.000 pallets and 6 miles worth of conveyor belts. All up and running to supply all our retail stores, customers, online shoppers and businesses all over the world.
Conrad Logistics ships approx. 35.000 units per day, ramping up the volume to 50.000 units per day during peak hours. This means, if all deliveries were stacked on top of each other, you'd end up with a tower about 7.5 miles high.
On November 13, 2014 the extension building officially came into service. The new full automatic shuttle system contains 375 with 60 shuttle- and bin lifters to access 200.000 shelf spaces. The working principle of the new shuttle system is called "goods to man", which allows and increased efficiency of up to 100.000 packages per day.

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