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Conrad Electronic International GmbH & Co. KG

The Global Online Electronics & Technology Shop. stands for technology and electronics made in Germany. And it's not only in Germany where Conrad has become a household name. Currently, we ship to more than 210 regions across the planet. Our huge product range makes Conrad an increasingly popular choice for businesses and consumers alike.

Product Diversity

Our current product assortment comprises about 450,000 different items. And counting! Needless to say that our product range includes global brands, such as AppleMicrosoftPhilipsSamsungBoschMakitaGarminSanDiskCanonNikonAbusLGLogitechOsram, and many more. Although Conrad is also known for its own labels, including VOLTCRAFT®TOOLCRAFTReelyConrad Energy, and C-Control. Whatever you are looking for – a few small SMD components, a pro power tool kit, a tablet PC: The internet's number one address for all things related to electronics & household technology.

The Online Shop. Our Formula for Success.

The centrepiece of our business is the online shop, with our entire product range available to choose from. Moreover, our online shop provides comprehensive support and competent advice. Whether you need delivery estimates, or would like to return an item but don't know how that works, check out our Helpdesk. Available 24/7, covering everything there is to know about shopping at Conrad. And if you would like to talk to someone directly, our friendly customer support team is happy to help. Contact us by phone (telephone lines are open Monday – Friday), fax or email. Be the first to know all about the latest tech trends and much more by joining our Newsletter mailing list.

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Headquarters - Germany

Multi-Channel Retailer of Electronics and Technology.

Conrad provides many of the items that make our day-to-day life easier, more efficient and more comfortable. Continuously developing new product concepts for the world of technology, Conrad acts as an inspiration to everyone involved in electronics both professionally or privately.

Combining the Best of the Past with the Best of Now.

Conrad was founded in 1923 and has been family-run for four generations. In 1946, the company moved its headquarters from Berlin to Hirschau where they are still based today. Starting out as a small mail-order business for electronic components, Conrad is now one of Europe's leading multi-channel retailers of electronics and technology.

Merging the Power: Three Sales Channels. One Proven Success Story.

All our products and services are available via mail order, in our Conrad stores as well as online. Which is a huge advantage for our customers, enabling them to shop wherever and whenever they like. Logging 6 million visitors a month, has become one of the 10 most popular online shops in Germany, winning several awards in the process. The company also maintains, an online shop catering exclusively for business customers. Moreover, Conrad's high street retail shops clock 14 million customers each year. Conrad's annually released Main Catalogue is supplemented by a range of special interest editions, including a 2,500-page catalog for business customers, as well as issues for model makers, model train enthusiasts, car tuners and many other product categories. In 2007, Conrad won the Retailer of the Year Award. In 2010, Conrad collected the PC Praxis Readers' Award for the fifth time in a row and was awarded Online Star for the third time. In 2009, Conrad was included in Germany's Brands of the Century list.

A Unique Variety of Products.

Our current product assortment comprises about 450,000 different items, ranging from SMD components to entire PCs. All our products are supplied by the leading manufacturers in the field of technology and electronics. Whether it is diagnostics, home automation/domotics, state-of-the-art communication technology, model kits or model trains - we are the leading retailer of many of these product categories. Conrad's product range also includes special brands, such as VOLTCRAFT®TOOLCRAFTReelyConrad Energy, and C-Control, etc.

Committed to Customers. Worldwide.

Conrad operates one of the most advanced logistics and distribution centers in Europe. Located in Wernberg-Köblitz, the center processes and ships about 35,000 units to more than 210 countries every day, amounting to an annual turnover of 7.2 million items. Conrad is an international consortium, with subsidiaries, retail stores, and distributors in most European countries.

Conrad Holdings

We are an internationally operating holdings group, specializing in Consumer Electronics and Household Technology. Currently, 17 subsidiaries and several contracted resellers supply our business and individual customers across Europe.

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HU SOS electronic Kft. (B2B)    

If you are living in a country not listed above, no problem at all. Our entire range of products is available online at

Company History

The secret of our success have always been our loyal customers. You. As a small token of our appreciation, we'd like to invite you to take a trip down memory lane with us.

1923 Max Conrad sets up "Radio Conrad" in Berlin. His vision: a wireless every household can afford.
1936 Conrad realizes a revolutionary idea: selling a self-assembly TV set. Conrad's first ever print catalogue is released, comprising 16 pages.
1951 The company opens its first electronics department store. More retail store soon follow.
1977 Conrad's daily shipping volume has reached 1.000 items per day. The company's main catalogue now has 500 pages, comprising 30.000 products.
1988 Conrad expands its international business operations and establishes a purchase office in Hong Kong
1995 Conrad opens one of Europe's most advanced Logistics & Distribution centres in Wernberg, Bavaria.
1999 Austria's first Conrad superstore opens in Vienna.
2002 Germany's latest three Conrad superstores open in Hamburg, Essen and Berlin
2004 The company upgrades its Logistics & Distribution centre, now covering 485.000 ft2, including 1.000.000 ft2 of computer-controlled shelving, 42.000 pallets and 6 miles of conveyor belts.
2006 Zurich and Lucerne now sport Conrad's first retail stores in Switzerland.
2007 Conrad wins the Retailer of the Year Award - the most precious award for mail order companies in Germany.
2009 Conrad is included in Germany's Brands of the Century list.
2011 Conrad Holdings now employs more than 3.900 people worldwide. More than ever, the company focuses on providing customers with innovative solutions and best service
2012 On April 23, work starts on a further extension of Conrad's Logistics & Distribution centre in Wernberg-Köblitz
2014 On November 13, 2014, the extension of the new logistic center in Wernberg-Köblitz officially came into service.
2016 Conrad is conquering the Internet of Things with the IoT project platform Conrad Connect, on which smart devices and intelligent services from different manufacturers can be networked with each other.
2017 The next launch is coming up: With the Conrad B2B Marketplace, Conrad enables its business customers to network with renowned sellers and do one-stop shopping.
2020 Launch of the Conrad Sourcing Platform: B2B customers cover all their technical operating requirements from a single source, using appropriate services and tailored e-procurement solutions.
Next Stop: The Future Nowadays, technological progress happens at a break-neck pace. We will continue to help you convert your ideas into reality as best as we can

Conrad's Logistics & Distribution Center. The Future Starts Today

Conrad expands its business operations continuously, serving more and more customers every day by running one of the most advanced Logistics & Distribution Centres across Europe. Alongside traditional distribution channels, such as mail order and High Street branches, Conrad's complete product range is also available online.
Conrad's Logistics & Distribution Centre, based in the Bavarian town of Wernberg-Köblitz, and a frontrunner when it comes to European distribution technology, provides state-to-the-art facilities on a gigantic scale.
The 2-story building covers an area of approx. 485.000 ft2, including 1.000.000 ft2 of computerised stock-holding and shelving, 42.000 pallets and 6 miles worth of conveyor belts. All up and running to supply all our retail stores, customers, online shoppers and businesses all over the world.
Conrad Logistics ships approx. 35.000 units per day, ramping up the volume to 50.000 units per day during peak hours. This means, if all deliveries were stacked on top of each other, you'd end up with a tower about 7.5 miles high.
On November 13, 2014 the extension building officially came into service. The new full automatic shuttle system contains 375 with 60 shuttle- and bin lifters to access 200.000 shelf spaces. The working principle of the new shuttle system is called "goods to man", which allows and increased efficiency of up to 100.000 packages per day.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Swift. Safe. Top Quality.
Our staff is fully committed to processing orders quickly and reliably, using state-of-the-art technology and efficient operating procedures.