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Conrad. A History.

Max Conrad sets up "Radio Conrad" in Berlin. His vision: a wireless every household can afford.
Conrad realizes a revolutionary idea: selling a self-assembly TV set. Conrad's first ever print catalogue is released, comprising 16 pages.
The company opens its first electronics department store. More retail store soon follow.
Conrad's daily shipping volume has reached 1.000 items per day. The company's main catalogue now has 500 pages, comprising 30.000 products.
Conrad expands its international business operations and establishes a purchase office in Hong Kong
Conrad opens one of Europe's most advanced Logistics & Distribution centres in Wernberg, Bavaria.
Conrad increasingly focuses on B2B, issuing a catalogue specifically aimed at this target group
Austria's first Conrad superstore opens in Vienna.
Germany's latest three Conrad superstores open in Hamburg, Essen and Berlin
The company upgrades its Logistics & Distribution centre, now covering 485.000 ft2, including 1.000.000 ft2 of computer-controlled shelving, 42.000 pallets and 6 miles of conveyor belts.
Zurich and Lucerne now sport Conrad's first retail stores in Switzerland.
Conrad wins the Retailer of the Year Award - the most precious award for mail order companies in Germany.
Conrad is included in Germany's Brands of the Century list.
Conrad Holdings now employs more than 3.900 people worldwide. More than ever, the company focuses on providing customers with innovative solutions and best service.
On April 23, work starts on a further extension of Conrad's Logistics & Distribution centre in Wernberg-Köblitz
On November 13, 2014, the extension of the new logistic center in Wernberg-Köblitz officially came into service.
Next Stop: The Future
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