Whistleblower Hotline

Compliance with the law, regulations and internal company policies is paramount to us. Our whistleblower hotline has been set up to prevent corporate crime, and to protect our company, our employees and our business partners. The aim is to identify any wrongdoing at an early stage, to investigate it, and to put an end to it.

There are a number of options both our employees and individuals not associated with our company can use to raise their concerns. Providing your contact information is essential as we might need to ask you further questions that help us with the investigation. However, leaving an anonymous tip-off is also absolutely okay.  

During the investigation, your anonymity and confidentiality are safeguarded at all times. We will not tolerate whistleblowers being threatened, bullied or treated unfairly. Unless compelling evidence suggests otherwise, presumption of innocence applies.

Reporting a wrongdoing.

If you want to raise a concern, you may do so by opting for one of  the following different ways to contact us. A team of qualified case workers and solicitors will look into your complaint.

Leaving your contact details is important since we might need you to provide further information that helps us proceed with the investigation. However, if you do not want to provide your contact details, just tip us off  anonymously.

Please be aware that law requires sufficient preliminary evidence before the team behind our whistleblower hotline is permitted to look into a complaint.


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Whistleblower Hotline
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Send your concern to whistleblower@conrad.com

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Please contact us at whistleblower@conrad.com to arrange for an appointment

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