PCB Software

PCB Software

10 Jan 2023

PCB drawing
Create your own PCSs and circuit diagrams with Autodesk Eagle

 ✔ Draw up to 999 diagrams, 16 layers and unlimited PCB surface   ✔ Free technical support   ✔ Access to extended libraries   ✔ Ability to personalize your Eagle software  ✔ Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux


PCB- and circuit diagram software for each engineer

During the production of printed circuit boards, every detail counts and nothing should be left to chance. Every millimeter is crucial. So it starts with a perfect design and to design a good circuit board design or circuit diagram you will have to use several tools. To create an all-in-one solution, Autodesk has designed the Eagle software. With one software package, you can bring your electronic inventions to life thanks to many software components including circuit diagram and PCB design software.


Circuit diagram designer

Realize ideas with the advanced and easy-to-use tools of the Eagle software.

  • When several circuit diagrams are created, electronic connections remain. This allows you to easily organize and monitor large projects.
  • Check electrical consistency using Electrical Rule Checks (ERC) before designing. This ensures consistent wiring in the diagrams.
  • The real-time synchronization automatically updates schedule changes and PCB design. This way, you save yourself this step and you can concentrate on the design of PCBs.
  • Using modular design blocks, you can reuse frequently used circuit blocks in different projects.



PCB designer

Extend your designs with the intuitive PCB design software. This allows you to deal efficiently with technical challenges in terms of time:

  • Modular variants (variants of the same basic layout) can be used and changed quickly and easily. You don't have to start with every design from the ground up.
  • Use the latest technology with High Speed Design. The software supports technologies such as DDR4, PCI Express and USB-C.
  • You can concentrate on your work thanks to the flexible Design Rule Checks. This checks your design for feasibility and safety in accordance with production requirements.

With the software, you can use the latest features in the PCB designer.

  • New Routing engine to design PCB designs even faster.
  • The routing of PGIs with a high pin density is also a matter of seconds thanks to the PGI fan error.
  • Simplified user interface compared to previous versions. Select, group and work with schematics as you like.

Other features of the Eagle software

  • You can convert the PCB designs to an MCAD-compatible format with the click of a button. Using 3D models and STEP files, you can simplify your processes.
  • To improve your design tools, you can download scripts from other users via User Language Programs (ULPs). You can also write your own scripts to further personalize your software.
  • Send your design with a single click on the button for manufacture to for example our PCB service.


The packages

Autodesk has several packages available with increasing possibilities. You can work as an individual user or as a team with the software. In subscription form, you can always enjoy the latest benefits such as:

  • Direct access to new software updates
  • On the road, in the office or at home
  • Support from Autodesk's technical helpdesk
  • Easy installation and user management


Eagle standard package

  • Sign up to 99 schedules
  • Work with 4 layers
  • 160 cm2 PCB surface area

€ 18.15

> Order here the Eagle standard package

Eagle premium package

  • Sign up to 999 schedules
  • Work with 16 layers
  • Unlimited PCB surface area

€ 84.70

> Order the Eagle premium package


Eagle for education

  • Use for non-commercial purposes, such as learning, education, training, research and development activities.
  • Sign up to 2 schematics, 2 layers and 80 cm2 PCB surface area
  • the maximum period of use: 3 years


> Request your free Eagle software here

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