Modernisation and expansion for production plants

Would you like to modernise, repair or expand your machines and industrial plants? Then you have come to the right place. We offer you numerous solutions from various manufacturers.

The most important aspects at a glance:
> Partial modernisations bring economic savings
> Spare parts procurement and spare parts storage guarantee a smooth operating process
> Process optimisations ensure production increases
> Overhauling machines is the economical alternative to buying new ones
> Regular maintenance and servicing is a top priority


What connects new and existing plants with Industrial Edge, cloud systems and the IIoT?

Very simple: SIMATIC IOT2050

The SIMATIC IOT2050 IoT Gateway offers a simple and cost-effective way for any production plant not to miss the connection to the new digital world. Thanks to the pre-installed SIMATIC Industrial OS operating system in the Advanced variant, the time required for commissioning is reduced. Typical application scenario of the SIMATIC IOT2050 is the preventive maintenance of machines and the coupling of production to the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) level in order to minimise costly downtimes of production plants.

For this purpose, relevant indicators are evaluated and thus emerging signs of wear are detected at an early stage. In this way, the new IoT gateway helps to make manufacturing more flexible, reliable and efficient. SIMATIC IOT2050 records, processes and stores the relevant data. This is transmitted to a cloud-based analysis tool and the evaluated data from the cloud is then fed back to the production maintenance system. This continuous data exchange closes the control loop for optimising the maintenance intervals in a production.


Recommended products

TeSys island - The fully digital load management from Schneider Electric

TeSys island switches, protects and analyses motors and other electrical consumers. TeSys island makes machines smarter, reduces downtime (from 2/3 of unplanned failures) and increases productivity thanks to up to 50% faster error correction. It enables trouble-free switching, protection and management of motors and other loads up to 80A. The new system impresses with its fast assembly, installation and configuration. The simple integration into existing plant architecture is independent of the type and manufacturer of the control system.-->{C}

Thanks to TeSys island, the 10 most common causes of conveyor belt failures can be predicted and unplanned downtimes can be avoided, such as:


  • Belt tracking errors
  • Stuck rollers
  • Defective scrapers
  • Defective belt sides
  • Belt slippage
  • Drum wear

Recommended products

Implement IoT applications quickly and easily

New WAGO Compact Controller 100 enables maximum flexibility in engineering.

The new Compact Controller 100 with real-time Linux® operating system offers users every freedom: The compact controller can be freely programmed with CODESYS V3, but can also be used for engineering independent of IEC 61131, for example with Node-RED, Python or C++. For this purpose, Docker® can be easily installed on the device as a virtualisation environment. In this way, the Compact Controller 100 grows into a full-fledged IIoT device with gateway functionality. WAGO thus optimally combines the requirements of two worlds in one device and consistently follows its claim of competence "Automation meets IT". Another advantage of the Compact Controller 100: Thanks to its design as a DIN rail-mounted device (REG), it can also be installed in small distribution boards according to DIN 43880. The I/O unit is housed together with the controller in a compact enclosure and therefore requires no additional space for further control components. The wiring level is removable - this has advantages during installation and commissioning.

Your advantages:

  • Flexible, fast and simple engineering
  • Controller with real-time Linux® operating system
  • Compact controller with I/Os in a REG design housing-->{C}

Recommended products

eSIGN - Signals in new dimensions

eSIGN - Signals in new dimensions The best signal tower ever.

With eSIGN, we present the future of signalling technology - a signal tower that sets new standards in terms of visibility, individuality and efficiency thanks to electronic modularity. Powerful features, maximum compatibility and an industrial design that combines functionality with style and robustness: This is how eSIGN, as the latest generation, defines the future of the signal tower - and sets the new standard in industrial signalling.

Full-surface signalling
Clear and unmistakable illuminated images for maximum visibility

Versatile customisability
Various modes, luminous images and tones for a wide range of uses

Robust industrial design
UL Type 4X ensures resistance to UV radiation and environmental influences

One for everyone
2 sizes, with/without siren, 24 V supply / versions with IO-Link technology-->{C}


WERMA eSIGN | The new standard in industrial signalling

With the new eSIGN, we bring light into new dimensions. Thanks to electrical modularity, various signalling modes with multiple colours, brightness levels and luminous images can be realised: From classic traffic lights to completely customised settings. Variable level indicators or full-surface signalling can also be easily realised with eSIGN. This not only brings clarity to your process flows, but also opens up completely new possibilities. Classic signal column display in individual steps Autoscale mode for full-surface signalling and optimum visibility Variable level display from 0 to 100 %Individual control as required.

Recommended products