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Item no.: 1534703 - 62 
Part number: Sens'it 2.0
EAN: 2050004750645
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Sigfox Ready Device Sens'it 2.0

Technical data

  • Temperature range (±0.5 °C) -20 - +55 °C
  • Air humidity (±3.5% RH at 20 to +80% RH): 0 - 100% relative humidity
  • 3-axis acceleration sensor: ±100 g
  • Magnetic detector bandwidth (0.1 μT/LSB) ± 1200 μT
  • Light sensor: 0 - 100,000 lux
  • Reed contact: 15 - 40 AT

Type Sens'it 2.0
Manufacturer Sens'it
Category Sensor module
Operating voltage 3.7 V

Highlights & details

  • Sensor data transfer from anywhere
  • Push messages directly to smartphone
  • Extremely power saving mode
  • Including 24 Months Subscription


The Sens'it 2.0 is a smart device with which the capabilities of the sigfox-netzwerks demonstrated and can be tested. It includes several sensors that measure and send data, which is then via the web and mobile applications (available at sensit. io) can be accessed. By using a key can be configured with 6 different modes: temperature and humidity, light detection, door opening detection, vibration-detection, magnet and key recognition. Through this, you have the option to test different use cases.

Sensor data can be quite differently in the cloud. The Sigfox-based Sens' it is even easily and playfully. The Commissioning will only take a few minutes and already, the data can be transferred to the Web-from anywhere in the world. Sigfox-Abdeckung. One does not need its own infrastructure and there are no additional connection costs.
Step 1: sens'it on the Website Sensit.io or via the iOS and Android app. Use the ID on the back of the sense'it sensor.
Step 2: Press the Start button for 2 seconds and wait until the LED lights up green. The default setting temperature measurement is activated.
Step 3: Wait until the LED starts to blink. This is a sign that the currently measured data is currently being transferred. Then, the data on the Web App Dashboard available.

The Sens'it 2.0 "only" a test system for Sigfox-based sensor networks or is already an application ready-made solution?
But in any case it is practically Sens' 2.0, because the smart multi-sensor is easy. Within a few minutes can be a variety of sensor data from anywhere in the world on the web and push messages directly to your smartphone and via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook or IFTTT you's maker channel ship-Sigfox-Netzabdeckung provided. This power is currently being rolled out throughout Germany and around the world is the expansion is in full progress. Currently, data can therefore be sent and received from 32 countries, 12 of these countries is already completely rolled out. In 20 other countries is the network thus still under development.

Sigfox is a Low Power Wide Area Network and specially designed for small data packets and an extremely energy-efficient operation. With only one battery, individual sensors up to 10 years. It uses the Ultra Narrow Band Radio Network - 868,13 to 869,525 MHz in Germany - the no connection costs knows and can be used by anyone. For a secure data transfer is the communication through the anti-relay, news cram bling and sequencing according to the highest safety standards. The range of a single wireless cell that can manage up to 1 million sensors, is 3 - 5 km in congested areas and 30 - 50 km in rural areas. Over the lake are even up to 1,000 kilometers range.

What Can Sens'it 2.0?
The Sigfox Class 0 certified smart multi-sensor Sens' it is for ambient temperatures from -20°C to +55°C and can be used without their own wireless infrastructure from anywhere data from, for example, buildings, factories, cold stores or vehicles. The rechargeable LiPo battery enables a self-sustaining via micro-USB operation of up to 3 months at hourly value transfer. Users are seven different operating modes are available.
In the climate mode measures and it sends the temperature and air humidity values depending on the setting, every 10 minutes, every hour, every 6 hours or 1 x daily.
In the brightness mode, the brightness values in the same intervals or only if it exceeds or drops below the defined trigger value can be sent.
In the door and window mode registers each opening. For this purpose, he must be attached to the opening of the parts. Alternatively, you can also use the supplied magnet can be used to drive a push to send when it reaches the detection range of the Sens' it or leave. To movements or vibrations are detected, it communicated any measured motion above a definable limit.
In addition, you can also manually initiated via the built-in button.

Everywhere, where a sigfox-netz is available, this multi-function sensor data in the Internet. It has never been easier, for example, compliance with the temperatures in the cooling house or operating times of vehicles and commercial machines to document.

7 sensors in one device:
Temperature and humidity
Door Opening detection
Magnet and key recognition
Motion and vibration detection

This text is machine translated.

The Sigfox-Netzwerk currently is located in Germany and is expected to be completed no later than 2018, still in the expansion. Therefore exist in some regions unfortunately still gaps in the network coverage. Since the Sens'it device, it may therefore exclusively in the sigfox-netz transmits to problems in the transmission of the measured data. We ask before you buy the current network coverage to be observed: sigfox.com/en/coverage
For the first 24 months are the connection costs already in the offer price. The period of 24 months begins with the registration of the Sens' its in the online portal. An extension of the subscription is possible at any time after the expiry of the 24 months free of charge.

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