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Item no.: 252000 - 62 
Part number: 252000
EAN: 4016138655094
€ 16,99
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AA battery (rechargeable)
Conrad energy
1500 mAh
1.6 V
4 pc(s)

Technical data

  • Temperature range -20 up to +65 °C

Size AA
Technology NiZn
Voltage 1.6 V
Capacity 1500 mAh
Height 50.5 mm
(Ø) 14.3 mm
Weight 25 g
Content 4 pc(s)
Alternative battery types HR6, HR06, CEF80, RB104358, LR06, AA, LR6, AAB4E, AM3, M, MN1500, 815, E91, LR6N, 15A, KAA, R6, R06, BA3058, U7524, UM3, Mignon, V1500PX
Category AA battery (rechargeable)
Type HR06
Rechargeable Yes

Highlights & details

  • 1.6 V voltage
  • 4-pack set
  • 2500 mWh


Conrad energy NiZn rechargeable batteries (nickel zinc) fulfil the highest standards and have a higher voltage and volumic energy in comparison to normal NiMH rechargeable batteries. There are still many devices that function with only higher voltage of a comparable primary battery. The higher voltage also allows a longer operating time in various applications.

Advantages of the innovative NiZn technology:
• Higher cell voltage of 1.6 V
• Less self-discharge thanks to higher energy density
• High power
• High cycle consistency
• Good performance at low temperatures
•Environmentally friendly materials: Zinc instead of toxic cadmium statt toxischem Cadmium"


  • High-current capable
  • Temperature range -20 up to +65 °C

Use only specialised NiZn chargers, such as the Order No. 20 00 06 for charging the battery.

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