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Wiha - Tools for electric cars


Reliable protection for e-mobility

Wiha has been developing VDE-tested tools for 50 years and is renowned for products with the highest quality, functionality, durability and ergonomics. Wiha enables users to work more efficiently, healthily and safely.


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the E-Mobility workshop trolley

  • All of the tools you need for hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Fully stocked, perfectly organised
  • Greater safety: the VDE test mark
  • High-voltage tools for working on vehicles with HV systems

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The E-Mobility toolbox

  • All of the essential tools for hybrid and electric vehicles

  • Easy to transport – the mobile e-mobility workshop

  • Greater safety: the VDE test mark

  • The perfect VDE tool set for repairs on electric cars

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Parat – Premium storage & transport solutions


CLASSIC - Versatile

CLASSIC line’s premium toolboxes are indispensable for professionals. A highly robust outer shell and a sophisticated organisation system on the inside. Whether CP-7 or sewn pockets, their diversity means they can be used in almost any trade.



  • Durable double aluminium frame, capable of handling up to 30 kg
  • Slip-resistant X-ABS outer shell
  • Tilt cylinder lock, combination lock or TSA-LockTM
  • Available with CP-7 or sewn pockets


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PARAPROJECT® Case - always ready

One case with many options: Whether tablet or notebook, 10, 15, 16 or 20 devices, whether iOS, MS-Windows or Android operating systems, with or without a protective device cover - the PARAPROJECT® Cases offer modern storage options for the most diverse requirements. As the reference solution for tablet classes and training, the high-quality and innovative PARAPROJECT® Case series has already established itself on the market for intelligent training and system cases.



  • Charging
  • Transport
  • Store
  • Synchronising


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Einhell Professional for commercial use



Convincing battery competence. Only from Einhell.

As a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and garden equipment, Einhell sets standards by consistently developing its Power X-Change battery platform. This platform is distinguished by its ability to operate more than 250 tools with only one battery type (18 volts). More power-intensive tools simply combine two 18-volt batteries to create a 36-volt tool. All of the batteries feature state-of-the-art electronics which permanently monitor all of the safety-relevant processes and factors. That is why the Einhell battery fulfils even the strictest quality and safety standards. With the Professional series of battery-powered tools, Einhell now offers a high-quality line designed for the demands of the commercial sector. The highest quality standards, the full range of functions and optimised design help professional tradespeople to maximise their performance!

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Toolcraft – Workshop equipment and supplies


Quality and the best workmanship in every way!

The right tools enable you to complete your work faster and more precisely - TOOLCRAFT offers screwdrivers, wrenches and other hand tools, as well as an extensive range of soldering equipment, fasteners, workshop equipment, right through to complete workshop equipment.


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Leica Microsystems - Stereo microscopes for Electronics and Medical Device Manufacturing

Leica Microsystems




Optimise your productivity and manufacturing quality

In industrial manufacturing, for example of electronic components or medical devices, high productivity and precision are required.
The intuitive A60 F and A60 S stereo microscopes offer what you need - high sample throughput, optimal display of product details and components, and easy processing of assemblies.


  • See 80% using your probe with a 46 mm field of view.
  • Convenient access to the sample thanks to a working distance of 122 mm
  • FusionOptics technology with a depth of field of up to 13.6 mm simplifies the task, reduces refocusing and saves time
  • The way to go from a high level overview to detailed viewing with a magnification range from 5x to 30x


The A60 is designed for long, continuous work and can be quickly adapted to different users. A viewing angle of 38° enables the user to maintain a natural head posture. The controls, such as zoom adjustment, focus knob and ring light, are intuitive and easily accessible for both left and right-handed users.

Optimise your inspection and post-production workflows

S9 stereo microscopes are available with different versions to meet diverse requirements. Optimise the optical inspection in your production line or quality assurance department and increase efficiency with the S9 series:

  • FusionOptics technology with 12 mm depth of field to identify details quickly
  • Large magnification up to factor 55x and 9:1 zoom for quick changes from overview to detail
  • 122 mm working distance to easily manipulate the sample under the microscope
  • Integrated network camera for easy image exchange

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