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All information on the new brand identity

Conrad has repositioned itself as a sourcing platform. Today, as a solution provider, we offer all the parts for the successful procurement of technical needs. This positioning is now clearly expressed through our newly designed brand identity. Here you will find everything you need to know about our rebranding.

Our brand has transformed: Ready for the next century

For 100 years, we have been helping our customers write their success stories by providing them with the best components and technical products available. To keep it that way for the next 100 years, Conrad today has much more to offer than technical products. On our way to becoming the leading procurement platform for technical needs, we enable customers all over Europe to get exactly what makes their projects or business a success: A high-quality assortment with millions of products, customer-centric solutions and services, and expert advice from person to person.


These are the parts for your successful procurement and this is exactly what is expressed by our new claim "All parts of success" as the core message of our brand story. Together with the new brand design, this results in a uniform and unmistakable brand presence.


Why Conrad offers all the parts of success

We have optimised our offering to meet the modern challenges of sourcing technical supplies by using customised e-procurement solutions to simplify complex procurement processes and help companies of all sizes and in all industries save time and money. As sellers on the Conrad Marketplace, manufacturers and distributors can reach new target groups and markets quickly and easily. Private customers also benefit from professional product offers and services. As an attractive partner, we offer all the parts for more economic success.

What the Conrad brand will stand for in the future

Conrad always acts between technological value creation and human appreciation. We are resourceful and always find the right solution for our customers. We think entrepreneurially and make the procurement of technical needs even more economical for our business customers. We act proactively and propose sensible alternatives or improvements. We act mindfully and, as a family business, stand for quality, reliability, long-term partnerships and the sustainable and careful use of resources.