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    The Conrad Christmas world for a successful Christmas


    Christmas is the most beautiful festival of the year. Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year for young and old. In many places, the apartments are already lovingly decorated in the Advent season and the windows are decorated festive. There are bright fairy lights hanging on the facades and in the evening the Christmas trees in gardens shine around the bet.

    We want to help you with your Christmas preparations. This is why we have put together many great product suggestions and gift ideas for you in our Christmas world.

    The colorful variety in Conrad Christmas world

    Enjoy energy-saving LED Christmas lighting and discover extensive decoration ideas for house, balcony and garden.

    By the way: Our diverse advent calendars are sugar-free, but are guaranteed to be full of surprises. This is a great gift that will delight the whole family during the Christmas season. And if you want to build or beautify your own Christmas crib, you will find everything was needed in our Christmas world.

    Our gift tip:

    If you are still looking for suitable Christmas presents, you will not only find it in our Christmas world. In our shop we offer many great gift ideas for you and your loved ones from hobby to smart living and from computer to multimedia.

    Christmas lighting – bring light into the darkness

    A festive lit house is an absolute eye-catcher.

    Especially in the dark season people look for light and warmth. This is probably also the reason why everything is lit up festive in the house and around the house at Christmas time. There are now many possibilities for this. And so that the energy costs do not explode despite Christmas lighting, most of our lighting proposals are in power-saving LED technology.

    Our highlights from the Christmas lighting sector

    Christmas decoration - the festive Christmas decoration for your home

    Let our decorative ideas inspire you.

    With the Christmas decoration there was something for every taste. Like gingerbread, mulled wine and Christmas carols, a successful Christmas decoration provides for the right anticipation for the feast. The decoration possibilities are not only limited to Christmas tree decorations and to the apartment. No, we have put together a wide range of products for you, even for outdoor use.

    Our decoration ideas for you

    Christmas articles for your own Christmas world

    The largest variety of Christmas articles can probably be found in the decoration department. Lanterns, poinsettias, snow globes, window pictures and a large number of different Christmas figures and Christmas scenes will transform your four walls into a cozy and individual Christmas world to suit your taste.

    Decorating tips for a small budget

    Christmas items can quickly add up. You can make lots of decorations yourself, so you don't have to spend your entire 13th month's salary on Christmas items. Collect pine cones, fold a few origami stars and make your own Christmas tags from salt dough. Hoard fir branches in your home and create your own Christmas world.

    LED candles - the decorative idea with the special extra

    LED-light without fire, soot and hot wax.

    LED candles look deceptively real thanks to sophisticated technology and real wax bodies. Open fires, hot wax, smoke and soot are no longer an issue! The latest LED candles now have a timer function that switches the candle light automatically. This clever decolters are ideal for lanterns in weather-proof outdoor areas.

    Candlelight without soot and fire hazard

    Christmas trees - the traditional symbols of Christmas

    Artificial Christmas trees now look deceptively real! 

    Christmas trees are often cut down very early and then transported over long distances. It is no wonder if they lose enough needles when they are installed. This is why more and more people are relying on artificial Christmas trees, which look deceptively similar to the trees in the forest.

    And for the balcony and garden there are stylish trees with clever LED technology.


    Sustainability: A tree for several years

    There is at least one in every Christmas world and it is put up for the big Christmas party at the latest - the Christmas tree. However, more and more people are doing away with natural conifers in their homes and opting for artificial Christmas trees. Ready-made LED trees create a Christmassy atmosphere in the garden.


    The right fir care

    Plastic Christmas trees have the great advantage that they can transform your living room into a Christmas world until Easter without losing a single needle. If you prefer to bring nature into your living room, then follow a few simple tips to keep your tree looking fresh for as long as possible.

    • Cut the trunk end of the tree fresh before setting it up
    • Spray the Christmas tree regularly with water
    • Change the water in the Christmas tree stand regularly
    • Do not place the tree near a heater

    Advent Calendars

    Unimaginable, Christmas without an advent calendar

    For some, the time in which every store enchants itself into its own Christmas world is far too short, while for others the time until the big presents seem to drag on indefinitely. Advent calendars shorten the time until the big celebration with small and big surprises.

    Advent calendars shorten the waiting time to Christmas.

    Advent calendars with chocolate filling are meant to sweeten the kids wait for the Christmas child. On the one hand, well meant, but on the other hand not completely unproblematic. Our sugar-free Advent calendars offer a different surprise or pure craft fun every day, depending on the version.

    And thanks to the large selection, the suitable Advent calendar is certainly there for every taste.

    Shorten the waiting time for Christmas with our Advent calendars

    Nativity scene – a unique under the Christmas tree

    Bought cribs always look somehow the same.


    That's why in the pre-Christmas season the perfect opportunity is to enhance the visual impression. Mood lighting, a little scatter material and color, as well as decorative accessories for the design are enough.

    Already with a little attention to detail, a distinctive unique design has emerged from your crib.

    Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child in your home

    One of the most popular Christmas items are nativity scenes. The construction of a nativity scene symbolizes the events of the Christmas season. For the perfect staging of this Christmas world around the shepherds, the manger with the Christ child and the star of Bethlehem, you will find selected model making articles in our shop.

    Christmas crib tip

    With a little imagination and skill, you can also build your own nativity scene. It doesn't take much. How about a large tree bark as a stable, moss as a base and some straw? In our Christmas world you will also find various lighting systems, building materials and model building elements to create your own individual nativity scene.

    The areas mentioned are only a small part of our big and colorful Christmas world. Due to the increasing number of products every day, you will find the right one for your taste. Let yourself be enchanted and bring you into pre-Christmas mood already today.


    Christmas presents for big and small

    Christmas without presents is like visiting a Christmas market without mulled wine. However, finding the right gift is sometimes more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. This year, everything will be easier. No hours of rushing from one store to another and no long queues at the tills. Let our gift ideas inspire you and find something suitable for the smallest to the oldest member of the family.

    Top 12 Christmas gifts for children

    Be inspired by our gift ideas for Christmas. Fulfilling big children's wishes doesn't have to be expensive. Discover the perfect gift for your little ones and loved ones in our Christmas world. See our top 12 gift ideas for Christmas for yourself.

    Christmas gifts for adults

    The better a gift suits the person receiving it, the more fun Christmas presents are. For this reason, we have put together individual gift ideas for absolute Apple freaks, DIY fans, model train lovers, gamers and outdoor enthusiasts.