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    Christmas lighting  » The brightest joy for the most beautiful festival of the year

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    Even if it's dark and cold outside, Christmas counts for most people at the most beautiful time of the year. Even before the Advent season, apartments, houses and gardens are decorated with festive decorations. Besides the tasteful Christmas decoration, the matching Christmas lighting plays a very important role. 

    • What was Christmas without fairy lights?


      What was to be taken into account when selecting the lighting?


    • Christmas lights - this is how high the electricity costs are

    • Christmas lighting for indoors and outdoors

    • What is a fairy lights system?

    • Useful accessories for efficient lighting

    What was Christmas without fairy lights?

    Festive Christmas lighting creates the perfect ambience for a successful Christmas. In the apartment, deceptively real looking LED candles flicker and the windows shine in the bright shine of the light chains. Even the Christmas decoration is set in an impressive scene with atmospheric lights. In the dark, the decoration becomes an absolute eye-catcher.

    But even in the garden, the pre-Christmas mood is clearly noticeable. The classic candle lighting transforms the otherwise inconspicuous fir in front of the house into a handsome Christmas tree.

    The evergreen hedge on the fence, the bare shrub in the corner and the small bush on the terrace also adorn bright lights. A few points of light are sufficient, and they move from darkness into the viewer's field of vision.

    The grid of lights, light curtains and light chains hanging on the balcony and on the facade round off the Christmas outdoor lighting harmoniously. The possibilities of an individual Christmas lighting are thus seemingly limitless. But not every Christmas lighting can be used everywhere. With some snow, the outdoor lighting is really worth it.

    What needs to be considered when selecting lighting?

    If the Christmas lighting is used outdoors, it must withstand the adverse conditions.

    If you want to install your Christmas lighting outdoors, you must make sure that the lamps and fairy lights can withstand the adverse conditions with penetrating humidity. The IP degree of protection provides information about this. If the Christmas lighting is used inside, you do not need to worry about it. On the contrary: Power-saving LED light chains with battery operation make the Christmas lighting wireless and flexible.

    Windows, cabinets or even shelves are illuminated in no time at all without annoying extension cables. So you can put your individual Christmas decoration perfectly in the right light.

    Decorative lighting even without a power connection

    Christmas lights - this is how high the electricity costs are

    In times of increasingly scarce resources, the topic of Christmas lighting regularly comes into focus at the end of the year. This is because constantly rising energy costs are now a serious problem for many households, companies and local authorities. Many people are asking themselves whether or not Christmas lighting can continue as before for cost reasons. In order to be able to answer this question in concrete terms, it is first necessary to clarify how high the energy requirements and current operating costs for Christmas lighting are.

    The following information serves as the basis for our calculation example, but you are welcome to adjust it to your current values at any time.

    Operating time: 37 days (December 1 to January 6)

    Lighting duration: 8 hours per day

    Electricity costs: €0.50 per kWh

    The respective power consumption or energy consumption of the fairy lights can be found in the technical data sheets, the packaging label or the energy label. Our example calculation is based on a standard light chain with 100 LEDs and an energy consumption of 4 kWh/1000h. Converted, this value corresponds to an electrical output of 0.004 kW or 4 W (watts).

    The electricity costs for this light chain over the entire Christmas period are calculated as follows:   

    37 days x 8 hours x 4 W = 1184 Wh or 1.184 kWh x €0.50 = €0.59

    Lighting on a larger scale

    The large Christmas tree in the attached example picture is fitted with 4 system light chains (each with 4 W and 100 LEDs) and 12 extension chains (each with 3 W and 100 LEDs). The 1600 LEDs therefore have a total output of 52 W. With the above-mentioned operating times, the electricity costs for the entire Christmas period are only €7.70 despite the high number of LEDs.


    If energy-saving LED fairy lights are used instead of energy-guzzling incandescent bulbs, the electricity costs are kept within reasonable limits. What's more, there don't necessarily have to be so many fairy lights on a tree. A shorter lighting period would also have a positive effect on electricity consumption.

    Christmas lighting for indoor and outdoor

    It plays a big role, whether the new LED Christmas lighting or the LED light curtain should be mounted outside or not. Only when an LED light chain is really designed for outdoor use will it give you long-lasting pleasure. For this reason, we have made a small selection for you regarding indoors or outdoors.

    Our product recommendations for indoors 

    Our product recommendations for outdoors

    What is a fairy light system?

    Several light chains can be connected together via a distributor.

    Several light chains can be connected together via a distributor.

    A commercially available light chain always has a certain number of lights or LEDs. The power supply or the power supply unit of the fairy lights is then always designed precisely for this number of bulbs. If the number of lights is not sufficient for lighting a Christmas tree, a second or third chain of lights must be attached to the tree. Each chain has its own power supply. With a large tree, the power distribution becomes a real challenge.

    With a light chain system there is a basic set, which has a powerful power supply. The basic set can be individually extended, extended and adapted with different additional sets.

    Important: Only the components of a manufacturer can be combined at any one time. It is therefore important to know which components are available before making a purchase decision.

    Useful accessories for efficient lighting

    As well as the selection and installation, the control of the Christmas lighting must also be well planned. Even if power-saving LED light chains are used, the switch-on and switch-off times should be precisely defined. This helps to avoid unnecessary power costs.

    Also indispensable: Spare bulbs and batteries for wireless light chains should be at home.

    Our money-saving tip:

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