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    About model cars

    • What is model car?

    • What variants of model cars are available?

    • What should you pay attention to when buying model cars?

    • Where can ich get spare parts or accessories for model cars?

    • FAQs: The most common questions about model cars

    • Conclusion: You will find the right model car

    • To set the tooth backlash

    What is model car?

    In general, a model car is not a functional car, but merely a more or less detailed replica of the different vehicle types. In addition, model construction has the possibility to present vehicles that are not available at all in reality in this particular design. The addition of RC (Radio Controlled or Remote Controlled) or RTR (Ready to Run) indicates by the manufacturer that this is a remote controlled replica which can actually be operated via a remote control. In different sizes, there are RC model cars from various producers, but also trucks, construction vehicles and agricultural vehicles, with which young and old alike can experience great driving pleasure in the area. Some cars (off-road) are suitable for almost any terrain, while other models (on-road) can only be controlled well on certain surfaces with a minimum of attachment.

    What variants of model cars are available?

    Model cars for beginners

    Beginner model car with child-friendly remote control.

    In this category there are various models, which can already be used by young people at the age of 3 years. Such model cars differ not only in the complexity of their control, but also, of course, in their appearance of models whose operation is only recommended from an age of 14 years.

    The smallest is made possible by the remote-controlled driving pleasure with intuitively operable remote controls and child-oriented vehicle design. With bright elements, a horn on the remote control and real engine noises, the offspring can get to know the matter with these battery-operated beginner model cars.

    The performance of the model cars increases to the appropriate age, as well as the complexity and functionality of the operation.


    RC electric model cars

    Electrical drives are easy to operate, clean and quiet.

    RC electric model cars are vehicles driven by an electric motor. The most important difference is the function of the motor, whereby a distinction can generally be made between brushed motors (brush motors) and brushless motors (brush-less motors). Brushed motors are characterized for example by the fact that the switching effects run very smoothly and the model is both economical and easy to repair due to the simple design. The brushless motors develop less heat, are less maintenance-intensive and more powerful. For casual drivers and beginners, the comparatively inexpensive brushed motors are a good choice, while the advanced model car driver and enthusiast should not forego the advantages of the brushless motor. The addition of "off-road" or "on-road" merely indicates the undergrounds on which the models can be driven. This results in optical and technical differences, similar to those between a limousine or a beach buggy.

    RC petrol, Nitro-model cars

    With combustion engine car models there is the engine sound for free.

    The engines of these vehicles are operated with internal combustion engines in contrast to their electrically operated counterparts. Small, remote-controlled vehicles with a scale of 1:18 to 1:8 generally use methanol combustion engines, which are also known as nitro engines in colloquial terms. These engines do not burn petrol from the petrol station, but a special mixture of methanol and synthetic oil. Nitromethane is added to the fuel as an ignition accelerator and to improve performance. Ready-made containers with different nitro and oil parts are offered in the trade. In large, remote-controlled vehicles with a scale of 1:6 or 1:5, high-capacity petrol engines are preferably used. Although the large models are much more expensive to buy, fuel costs are much cheaper than Nitro models. As with their electro-powered counterparts, the terms "on-road" and "off-road" refer to the design and application of the vehicles.

    RC model truck model making

    Large trucks, tractors and their trailers are assembled here. The tractors, which are operated exclusively with electric motors, can often be combined with very different trailers, so that various transport experiences can be reproduced playfully. But before the actual driving pleasure the developers have set the structure of the tractors, which are delivered as a kit. In contrast to the mostly finished RC model cars with remote control, tinkerers are required here, who are facing the challenge of assembling and want to produce new combinations of tractor and trailer again and again.

    What should you pay attention to when buying model cars?

    When purchasing model cars, the user should always be the focus of the decision. In the "entry-level models" category, you can filter the age at which you are advised to use the product. The performance, operation and appearance of the models in these vehicles are according to the age. Young people and adults should buy low-maintenance models as beginners and consider in advance where the vehicles are to be used. Here, a good decision can be made between "off-road" and "on-road" for models with electric motors as well as for combustion engines. For experienced drivers, tinkerers and PS fans, size, drive type and availability of accessories are important criteria for decision-making. Here the different filter options help in order to be able to narrow down the large selection of different models in a targeted and desired way.

    Where can ich get spare parts or accessories for model cars?

    With remote-controlled model cars and in RC model trucks, actual driving on the terrain or on the road is often only part of the fun. The maintenance of different drive systems, remote control and wearing parts is an essential part of this passion. Conrad has a huge variety of different model cars, but they are far exceeded in their number of spare parts and accessories. The accessories range from decoration and lighting for optics to car circles and road markings for the actual race. In addition, tires and rims can be experimented with until the model car driver deals with the tuning of his existing models. 

    Our practical tip: Model cars as a kit for hobbyists

    For friends of the remote-controlled driving pleasure it is at some point time the time to produce the first vehicle completely independantly from a kit. With experience and suitable accessories to your heart's content, you can use it here.


    FAQs: The most common questions about model cars

    What was the scale?

    The figures 1:5 or 1:18 always refer to the size of the models. As a model car or truck, the number before the colon indicates the size of the original, while the number behind it indicates how much smaller the model is. A scale of 1:5 is therefore a model that is only five times smaller than its model. 

    Which cars, trucks and special formats are available in model construction?

    Model cars are available as a replica of buggies, truggies, monster trucks, street models, crawlers, trucks, short curses, but also as creative and unique vehicles, which have been inspired in the design only to certain vehicle types. The number of different models cannot therefore be clearly quantified. 

    Conclusion: You will find the right model car

    Pay attention to the age of the operator or his experience, the area of application and the readiness for maintenance and care. The size of the model is an important factor for the transport as well as the application area of different vehicles. Take these points into account and then decide on a model that also looks good to you.

    To the model cars

    To set the tooth backlash

    Some questions were clarified at the adrenaline days in Frankfurt. This includes the question of how best to set the backlash correctly.

    Timm Woszidlo has gathered some tips from our community on how to make setting the gear easier.

    We wish you a lot of fun while watching.