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    When considering whether to buy a new computer or smartphone, many people only think about new items. However, used devices can also be given a second life and thus help your budget and the environment

    Refurbished appliances have been thoroughly checked, cleaned and repaired to ensure they are in good condition and working properly. This gives you a high quality product at a lower price while helping to reduce e-waste and protect the environment.

    You can find out what this means, which products are often on offer and what you should definitely look out for before buying in our guide.

    What are refurbished products?

    The word "refurbished" comes from the English language and can be translated as "overhauled". The name therefore directly conveys that this is not simply used technology, but tested, flawless goods.

    In contrast to new goods, these are devices that have already been in use but can be officially sold as refurbished products. In this context, refurbished means that the goods have undergone rigorous testing and have proven to be functional.

    Defective components were replaced in the course of the refurbishment. As a rule, original parts from the manufacturer are used. At the end of the process, the goods can be certified as technically functional.

    In addition to the technical inspection, the visual quality is usually also documented.

    Many people can live with defects such as scratches on the outer shell, while others are very annoyed by them.

    Before retailers offer refurbished goods for sale, the quality control of the visual appearance can be used to clearly state any signs of use in the description.

    Refurbished products: Our product conditions


    The product is technically fully functional and visually almost as good as new. There may be minimal signs of use or barely visible scratches, but these are not visible from a distance of 30 cm. If the device has a display, this must be absolutely scratch-free.

    Very good

    The product is technically fully functional and visually in very good condition. It may show slight signs of use or isolated, fine scratches that may be visible from a distance of less than 30 cm. The screen may show minimal signs of use, but these should not be visible when the device is switched on.


    The product is technically fully functional, but shows visible signs of use. There may be several scratches or signs of wear that are visible from a distance of 30 cm. The screen may show scratches, but these must not impair use when the device is switched on.

    Your advantages with refurbished products:

    • 12 months warranty

    • 14 days free right of return

    • At least 80% battery power

    • 100% technically functional

    • Only tested and fully functional items

    • All devices with flawless software and hardware

    What advantages do refurbished products offer?

    You can often save a lot of money. Depending on the product, you often don't even have to pay half the original price. It's also a real win-win situation for manufacturers as, thanks to refurbishment, they can also sell devices that would not have found a buyer as returns or leasing returns.

    With refurbished products, you can help to avoid waste. If you only buy new products all the time, old devices automatically end up in the bin. This generates many tons of electronic waste every year, which, if disposed of improperly, places a heavy burden on ecosystems due to heavy metals and toxic gases.

    With a refurbished device, you are making a decisive contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. This is because buying refurbished products saves many valuable resources such as energy, water and urgently needed raw materials that would otherwise be used to manufacture new appliances.

    You receive devices with flawless software and hardware. Before they are sold as refurbished products, they undergo a general overhaul and a rigorous safety and functionality check. Apart from a few traces of use, they have the delivery condition of a new device.

    What should I look out for in reconditioned goods?

    To avoid disappointment shortly after purchase, you should pay attention to four points:

    Battery performance

    As many e-devices get their energy from a battery and this loses capacity over the years, it should ideally have been replaced during the general overhaul. This is particularly true for smartphones and notebooks. As the devices age, the number of charging cycles possible decreases and the duration of a charge also falls to less than an hour in some cases. Products offered on our marketplace have a minimum battery capacity of 80%.

    Storage capacity

    If refurbished products work with storage media, it is essential to pay attention to the capacity. It is usually specified in gigabytes (GB) and must match the planned area of use. For example, consider whether 450 GB on the hard disk in your laptop or 8 GB in your smartphone is really enough.


    All refurbished products sold by Conrad are high-quality business hardware that has been upgraded to the specified standard during the general overhaul.

    Guarantee / Warranty

    Many suppliers provide their refurbished products with a warranty of 12 months on average. At Conrad, you are entitled to the statutory warranty for distance selling transactions and a 14-day right of withdrawal. Further information can be found in our general terms and conditions.

    You also receive a 2-year warranty and 14-day right of return for products offered on our marketplace.

    Important to know: Giving a guarantee promise is not obligatory.