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Control your energy flows more efficiently and save costs.

Solutions for the ever-increasing number of consumers, the integration of renewable energies, provision of electromobility and for the implementation of your climate protection goals.

Top innovations for building energy management

Webasto supports you in your decision for future-oriented mobility. With high-performance charging stations, comprehensive services and digital networking, we offer the right charging solution.

Webasto wallboxes feature market standards such as 11 or 22 kW charging power, a backend for digital management via portal or app, user authorization, billing of charging processes, and dynamic load management. Expand your portfolio with innovative EV charging products that are compatible with external interfaces and systems such as energy management systems (EMS).


Advantages at a glance

  • Intuitive: Easy digital management of Webasto smart charging stations with the innovative and free Webasto ChargeConnect backend.
  • Flexible: Fast integration into the EMS of the property
  • Intelligent: Dynamic load management avoids power outages and saves costs

A safe choice - now even smarter

More transparency and space in the control cabinet with the measurement and communication-capable SENTRON protective switching devices from Siemens

In the context of electrification, the number of consumers and the complexity of power distribution are increasing. In order to ensure system availability and the protection of persons, more transparency in the power distribution and at the same time standard-compliant extensions are elementary. In this way, you can avoid a system failure and keep the components up to date with plannable maintenance. With SENTRON's measuring and communication-capable circuit breakers, both transparency and more space in the control cabinet are ensured by the narrow design width of only 1 pitch unit (HP).

The compact 5SL6 COM miniature circuit breakers distinguish between overload and short circuit, 5SV6 COM AFDD/LS circuit breakers also distinguish between serial and parallel fault arcs. They also measure current, voltage, energy and power, line frequency and temperature. Thus, they not only protect circuits, information about the switching state and faults in the circuit is also recorded. When retrofitting, standard devices can be easily expanded with the 5ST3 COM auxiliary/fault signal switch. With the 7KN Powercenter 1000 data transceiver, the measured values are collected and forwarded to higher-level systems for visualization and evaluation.

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19 and 10 inch industrial quality control cabinet power strips

brennenstuhl® offers the optimal extension for the server cabinet with 10 and 19 inch power strips. The reliable and trouble-free operation of control cabinets is essential for high productivity in industry. That is why the quality manufacturer offers power strips in 19 and 10 inch format in industrial quality.

The power strips are suitable for installation in network or server cabinets. brennenstuhl® has various power strips in the control cabinet technology range. There are models with 10 amp fuse, EMI/RFI interference filter, overvoltage protection or with automatic circuit breaker and IEC plug, especially for use with UPS.


WiFi power strips with app control

Smart WiFi power strips for intelligent and automatic power control are available from brennenstuhl®Connect, the Smart Home System from brennenstuhl®. The WiFi multiple socket outlets score with smart functions via the free brennenstuhl®Connect app.

Multiple sockets or the devices connected to the WiFi power strip can be controlled automatically. While only one device can be managed at a time with a simple smart adapter plug, the benefits are multiplied with a WLAN multiple socket outlet.

Distribute energy cleverly

Power distribution at the workplace is often done via power strips. High-quality power distributors from Sygonix are available in a wide variety of designs - multiple socket strips in solid aluminum housings or models for installation in furniture. Sygonix products have an on/off switch and some are also equipped with USB-A and USB-C outputs, some even with Power Delivery support. However, Sygonix stands not only for power strips but also for sophisticated smart home products that enable targeted energy savings. Complex timer and countdown functions can be easily programmed via the app. Optimal for retrofitting at any workplace.

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