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Knowledge about building technology and smart living

With the increasing technical possibilities in the area of building technology, our demands on living are also changing. In the past, the living room was still the good living room with TV and sofa, today it is called a living area with entertainment system and chillout zone.

The previously purpose-built bathroom has become a relaxing wellness oasis and modern kitchens almost resemble an experimental laboratory for creative food design.

What was perceived a few years ago as a bare utopia has now become a permanent place in our lives. Everything is connected to everything and the smartphone is the central control unit for the new feeling of living.



Smart Home 

Smart home components can be easily controlled via smartphone.

Smart Home is the magic word that allows almost everything to be operated as if by magic. Lights, heating, gates, blinds, awnings or alarm technology can be controlled at the touch of a button or automatically via a smartphone app.


By the way: Smart Home is also ideal for offices and company buildings. While maintaining comfort for employees, the costs for heating and lighting can be drastically reduced.

Let us surprise you with what is already possible today.





Ventilation, heating, air conditioning

If the climate in the office is right, so is the work ethic.

Just as important as good lighting is the perfect climate in the company premises.

Bad air that is also too warm or too cold reduces personal well-being and thus the performance of employees.

A heating, ventilation or air conditioning system that is optimally adjusted to individual needs ensures a perfect indoor climate without unnecessarily increasing operating costs.

Security technology

Surveillance cameras also have a deterrent effect.

Security is good feeling. That is why you should not compromise when it comes to protecting your property.

It doesn't matter whether it's a private property or a company building.

By the way:

Highly visible surveillance cameras and signaling units offer a high deterrent potential. Unwanted visitors are thus effectively deterred in advance.

But alarm systems and video surveillance systems are only a small part of our extensive security technology.

Energy saving

It is often the little things that offer high savings potential.

When utilities are used thoughtlessly, the cost of electricity, water and heating can tear a not inconsiderable hole in the household budget.

But that doesn't have to be the case. Because we can help you unmask secret power guzzlers and actively support you in saving water, fuel and electrical energy.

Often, small measures are enough to noticeably reduce the burden on the household budget.

Solar und wind 

The power of the sun is available free of charge.

As a supplement to our energy-saving measures, you can also use the sun and the wind directly as energy sources.

From inexpensive solar chargers to powerful wind generators, we show you what options are available today.

Why do you want to pay dearly for the energy you need when it is supplied virtually free of charge?

Bathroom and sanitary

With the right equipment, a bathroom becomes an oasis of well-being.

A touch of luxury is definitely allowed - especially when it comes to the bathroom.

Because with the right equipment, the cool shower after a strenuous training session or the relaxing feel-good bath after a hard day's work is twice as pleasant.

And because you have your wellness oasis at home, you don't have to worry about a commute home. In the cold, wet and dark winter months, this is an invaluable advantage.

We'll show you how you can get more out of your bathroom!

Of course, we have many other interesting product groups around the topic of building technology. This means that no matter what project you are planning, we can help you implement it with suitable products.

With a constantly growing number of offers, you are sure to find the right one for you.