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Cables, wires and connectors for many applications 

Whether Profibus cable, heating cables or microphone cables: In the Conrad online shop you will find cables, wires and connectors for countless areas and applications . The logistics center in Wernberg-Köblitz, where more than 35,000 high-quality cables are waiting for their use, ensures fast availability.

In our guide you will learn more about the services Conrad offers you in connection with the topic of cables, wires and connectors. In addition, you will receive an overview of the types of cables that we have available for you.


  • Cable meter, cable configurator and special solutions

  • What cables and wires are there? 

  • Convenient accessory for cables and wires

  • Connector - good connections are what matters
  • Our most popular connector & cable guides

Cable meter, cable configurator and special solutions

Cable meter commodity

You can order the length of cables and wires that you actually need from us. Click on the desired product and select the length either by clicking on the corresponding button or by entering it manually.

The advantage: We do not charge an extra length of cut, no matter how long or short the cable or the cable is. In addition, the copper surcharge is included in the price. You will immediately see the final price we charge.



High-quality cables and wires on

Our online shop offers a wide range of pre-fabricated cables, wires, single wires, multi-core cables as well as suitable measuring instruments and other accessories.

In order to ensure that the quality is correct, only products with brand quality are included in our product range that meet the prescribed standards and certifications such as the VDE mark.

Companies and industrial companies already rely on this quality, on the fast availability and the meter-accurate ordering. These come from, for example, the fields of medical technology, automation, robotics, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering.  


Multicore Cables

Under the multi-core cable range are products such as flexible control lines for measurement, signal and control purposes, data transmission lines for electronic control and regulation devices as well as drag chain lines for production lines.

In addition, earth cables, fiber-optic cables (fiber-optic cables), network cables and SATELLITE installation cables can also be found in this category.  


Cables (Pre-fab)

All those who prefer to have a ready-to-use cable can choose from a variety of products. This includes different computer cables, power cables, test leads or stage and studio cables.  


Practical accessories for cables and wires

Cable Accessories

In addition, the right accessories are required for laying unassembled cables. These include cable and adhesive tape sets with various insulating tapes and PVC cables, cable ties, cable marker tights and electrical insulation for cable connections.


Connector - good connections are what matters

In the field of electrical and electronic systems, connectors are essential components that must reliably fulfill several important tasks. This is not just about establishing or disconnecting an electrical connection. The requirements for connectors are sometimes extremely varied, which also allows the different designs to be derived.


Contact security

Connectors that shake and thus do not create a secure connection can cause a variety of problems. Therefore, the clamping forces of the contacts are adapted to the task. Thus, the low-voltage plug of a plug-in power unit can be connected and closed with much less effort than, for example, the mains plug of a cable reel. The higher the force required, the more "grippy" the connector housing must be made.

Connectors in the automotive sector or in the vehicle or mechanical engineering often still have mechanical interlocks. This prevents the plug connection from becoming loose unintentionally due to the vibrations of the vehicle or the system.


The two mechanical locks on this industrial connector always ensure a secure hold.


Reverse polarity protection

With 230 V mains plugs, which are connected to a mains socket, the polarity does not matter. This means that you can unplug the mains plug, turn it by 180° and plug it in again. The connected device, such as a drill, will always work.

If, however, one or more direct voltages or signals and pulses are to be transmitted instead of an alternating voltage, the correct polarity of the plug connection must be observed at all times. In most cases, this is achieved by a special design of the plug, which makes it impossible to connect the plug incorrectly.


These high-current-capable battery plug connectors can only be connected with the correct polarity.



Another important criterion is the quality of the connector. Especially when contact security has to be guaranteed over a long time. For this reason, some gold-plated plug contacts are used.

Even in harsh environmental conditions, such as on construction sites and in industry, or when the plug connection is often disconnected and reconnected, the quality must be correct.

Gold-plated contact pin for industrial plugs.

Cable configurator for coaxial cables, stranded cables and single wires

With the support of our service partner, you can configure certain cables to fit your needs. Due to the production of cables and wires, they are also available in large quantities and consist of high-quality materials from brand manufacturers. The manufacturer guarantees, for example, that individually manufactured cables are taken from the same batch, provided that this can be achieved in length.

You can choose between two services:

The Koax24 service allows you to configure custom-fit coaxial cables by selecting details such as kink protection or impedance in addition to the cable type and connector.

The Litze24 cable assembly service also offers the option of ordering custom-made individual wires and stranded cables, which can be used in industrial plants, medical technology or in the automotive sector, for example. These cables can also be designed in detail.  


What cables and wires are there?

Wires & Single-Core Leads

In this category you will find four sub-categories. On the one hand, there are the area of earthing straps for earthing machines and the area of enameled copper wire for winding coils or chokes.

Another sub-category is the individual wires. These include, for example, switching wires for the wiring of electronic modules in devices, wire cables for switching and distribution systems or single wires for heating elements and air conditioning technology. Here the filter function helps in limiting the search results by cable category, cable types and by special properties such as rigid, oil-resistant, flame-resistant, shielded or with PTFE coating.

The fourth subcategory includes twin strands and multi-core strands. These are, for example, wiring wires for communication technology and telecommunications systems, twin cables for light electrical devices such as radios or ribbon cables for electronic modules and computers. Here too, the filter function helps to search specifically for cable categories, cable types and special properties.


Cable Test Equipment

The right tool also includes cable testing and measuring equipment. Professional equipment helps with error diagnosis through various functions.

They also find cables and wires, measure the length of a wire, or perform wiring tests.


Dielectric strength and current carrying capacity

Especially in the area of power supply, it is important that the contacts of the connectors are well insulated. Voltage flashovers and contact with the live contacts must be avoided in any case. Connectors must have a sufficiently large contact surface to be able to transmit even high currents with minimum losses.

With the help of earthing contact mains plugs, it is very easy to see how the manufacturers have put these different specifications into practice.

Thanks to the large surface of the two round plug contacts, power ratings of up to 3680 W can be transferred.


Number of contacts 

Two separate contacts are perfectly sufficient for Euro mains plugs or low-voltage connectors. In data technology or mechanical engineering, on the other hand, 40 or more contacts are no rarity.

But even with this high number of contacts, the connectors must fully meet all requirements in terms of dielectric strength, current carrying capacity and contact safety.


Data technology connector with 36 contacts.


Protection class

While a circuit board connector is not exposed to any particular environmental stress, the connectors on a crane or excavator must have the required splash protection.

What types of protection are available and what lies behind the designation IP65 can be read in our IP protection class guide.


Connector housing with IP65 degree of protection.

Following the considerations listed above, you can quickly find the right connector. And it is often even the case that connectors are also used for purposes other than those for which they are intended. Even if the manufacturer has provided a connector for certain tasks, this does not mean that the component cannot be used for other purposes. The only important thing is that the connector is operated within its technical limits.

Flight model builders have long recognized that D-SUB connectors are ideal for their applications. In this way, the electronics components in the wings can be connected quickly, easily and with reverse polarity protection with the electronics in the fuselage using just one plug connection.