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Multimedia for almost limitless possibilities 

Unfortunately, it has not yet been possible to define the term multimedia in a scientific way. This is all the more surprising since multimedia was voted the word of the year in 1995. But is a precise definition necessary at all? 

Literally, multimedia could be interpreted as a diverse media. So the interaction of many different media. And a medium is in principle a "mediator". This can be a newspaper, a book, a blackboard or an electronic device. These include projectors, DVD players, telephones or even TVs and PCs.

The messages are transmitted in the form of words, images or even numbers and tones. Multimedia applications use several transmission forms at the same time.

Virtual reality applications appeal to many senses simultaneously.

This simultaneously addresses different sense organs. The eye sees the picture while the ear hears the sounds.

Even tactile perceptions, which are detected by the surface sensitivity of the skin, are now one of the multimedia perceptions.

With the help of sound transducers, the music is not only heard, but also felt on the whole body.

Another feature of multimedia is directionality. If information is only transmitted from one sender to one receiver on one side, the application is unidirectional. However, if the recipient has the opportunity to react to the information, there is an interaction. This interactivity can go so far that complete applications can be individually designed at the user's discretion.



Multimedia in school and profession

Multimedia applications have become an integral part of almost all areas of life thanks to the ever-increasing digitalisation.

In addition to the leisure area with games and entertainment, the advantages of multimedia teaching and information are increasingly being used in school and at work.

From this point of view, it is quickly clear why so many different product groups are united under the umbrella term multimedia at Conrad Electronic. On the other hand, after more than 20 years, the term multimedia has become firmly anchored in the general understanding. And somehow everyone knows from their stomach what was meant by multimedia.


Multimedia learning content is more easily captured and better remembered.


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