The Conrad Sourcing Platform turns comprehensive one-stop shopping into an experience.

Almost all companies face numerous challenges when it comes to their day-to-day operations. Among the most pressing ones is sourcing technical equipment that businesses rely on every day. Complex machinery and plant, facility management, workshops, warehouses, R & D, reliable IT and administration – all of these need to be up and running all the time, to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Conrad Sourcing Platform helps you meet this challenge. Our comprehensive product range and its ongoing dynamic expansion makes sure you get all the technical supplies your business needs. Moreover, customized shopping interfaces boost the efficiency of your sourcing process through supplier consolidation and other features.


The Conrad Sourcing Platform supplies all the technology your business needs.

• Over 450.000 products aimed at businesses of all sizes, across all industry sectors

• Steadily growing product range by adding new sellers

• Entire product ranges of leading brands, top quality across the board

• In the event we don’t supply a specific product, our NIC product locating team sources the item on your behalf

Choose an eProcurement solution that suits you


State-of-the-art webshop catering for repeat customers and one-off purchases alike.

  • Increasingly large product range, now comprising over 450.000 business item
  • Fast and easy product search
  • In-depth product information
  • Smart My Account self-service functions

Conrad Smart Procure

Browser-based purchasing tool aimed at small and mediums sized enterprises.

  • Browser-based, no interface required
  • Straightforward approval and authorisation procedures
  • Product range and availabilities displayed in real time
  • Supports mobile browsers

OCI / PunchOut

eProcurement tool for medium and large enterprises operating their own Purchasing or ERP systems.

  • Import shopping cart content into your ERP system
  • OCI/PunchOut link to shop product range
  • Real-time availability status
  • Supports mobile browsers



A static electronic catalogue for medium and large enterprises requiring fixed price lists

  • Product range tailored to your needs
  • Variety of product classification and export options

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