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Increased efficiency through smooth operation

Even the most advanced automation solutions are no longer able to deliver optimum performance without regular maintenance. Conrad supports you from installation to maintenance to ensure the long-term functionality and productivity of your systems. Keep your machines in top shape with high-quality measurement technology, quality tools and effective cleaning agents.

Top brands in the field of automation & robotics

Phoenix Contact - Automation


Remote service

Depending on the requirements and possibilities on site, a remote maintenance connection can be established via a wired internet connection or with the help of a mobile router. While the wired solution is simple and inexpensive to implement, a wireless solution is convincing due to its flexibility. Either a self-hosted VPN server or turnkey solutions such as the mGuard Secure Cloud can be used for data transmission. Both variants offer different advantages.

The mGuard Secure Cloud is a complete turnkey remote maintenance solution that connects service personnel and machines securely and without IT knowledge via the Internet. This provides machine and plant manufacturers and operators with a cost-effective alternative for implementing intelligent and sustainable service concepts.


Weidmüller - More productivity

More productivity through uninterrupted operation

In an Ethernet network, data packets must be able to be exchanged between specific participants. For this purpose, the participants are connected to each other via Ethernet switches. Ethernet switches therefore collect all data streams and distribute them to the respective participants so that communication can take place. As Ethernet switches have to meet very different requirements depending on the area of application, we offer various product lines. They differ in terms of their properties, special features and technical highlights.

Additional functions and devices are required for more complex applications, such as industrial IoT or cyber security. Weidmüller's industrial security routers ensure that different networks work together in unison and with the highest level of security. They also offer the option of reducing your service costs through remote maintenance.


Traco Power - Industrial DC/DC converters

Industrial DC/DC converters from Traco Power

Power supply requirements are becoming increasingly demanding. Traco Power has set itself the task of supplying the right power supply for a wide range of industrial applications. To meet the demands of the market, Traco Power is constantly adapting its range to technological requirements. This includes DC/DC converters in smaller sizes with regulated/unregulated output specifications as well as non-isolated, standard isolation and high isolation solutions.

All converters are characterized by a high power density. They have been developed to maximize quality in a cost-effective design with excellent temperature characteristics, a wide input voltage range and a 3-year product warranty.



Fluke - Power quality analyzers

The 5 most important power quality problems that you can resolve with power quality analyzers

If the quality of the electricity consumed by your business does not meet the specifications, your company will incur higher costs than necessary. Poor power quality shortens the life of your equipment and generates external heat that needs to be dissipated. Ironically, the cause of many of these problems lies within the business.

The top 5 power quality issues you can fix with power quality analyzers are:

  • Problem 1: Finding problems caused by harmonics Necessary measurements: Harmonic evaluation and analysis of the electrical system

  • Problem 2: Wasted energy - necessary measurement: Investigation of energy consumption


  • Problem 3: Overloaded switchboards - necessary measurement: Load profile studies

  • Problem 4: Electrical disturbances - necessary measurements: Power quality measurement mode and advanced transient detection technologies

  • Problem 5: Other problems Necessary measurement: Power quality monitoring With a Fluke 1770 Series three-phase power quality analyzer in your tool bag, you'll never miss a critical power quality event. Detect fast transients up to 8 kV, harmonics up to 30 kHz, voltage dips and swells, and measure voltage, current and power. This gives you a detailed picture of your electrical system.

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