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A fit start to spring

Practical gadgets for adventure and leisure make it easier to motivate yourself and stay active. Whether for bike tours, camping vacations or creative model making - we have the right technology for your spring activities. From fitness trackers and smart outdoor gadgets to remote-controlled cars, drones and ships - you'll find exciting equipment for the warm days outdoors.


  • Fitness Tracker

  • Model making


  • Technology travel companion


  • Bicycle

  • Measuring devices

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Car, Hobby & Household


Car and bicycle

Enthusiastic about technical solutions also have ingenious car screwdrivers . It does not matter whether it is a matter of necessary repairs, service or tuning.

If you drive your own car, you will always find something was to screw, optimize or beautify. Everything was needed for this, we have in the car and bicycle shop.

Of course, friends of electrical mobility will find what they need. And you can already get to know tomorrow's technology today.

Besides electrical items you will find in our assortment a wide range of home appliances, outdoor products, gadgets and toys.
Are you an avid modeling enthusiast?

Our modeling and model railroad articles are widely known. You will also find flashlights, headlamps, walkie talkies and CB equipment in the "Leisure and household" category, as well as everything for the maintenance of your car or car park.

Let us surprise you! 

Reely Raptor going full throttle off-road.




Useful information about car, hobby & household

Apart from work and work, leisure is of particular importance. Because then everyone can pursue his favorite activity according to the desire and mood. While some are active in sports and place great emphasis on fitness, health and wellness, others tend to focus on relaxation. For example, in modeling .

This text is machine translated.



No matter whether car, airplane or ship model , in the field of model construction everyone finds the division, which interests him particularly.

And best of all: Besides the abundant construction and craft fun there is another pleasure. This is the case when the new model is moved by remote control for the first time.

Sometimes you get a good adrenaline rush. Especially when a large model helicopter lifts off for the first time or the new off-road buggy is racing onto the high jump ramp.


Model railway

It is much more comfortable with the friends of the model railways. zu. With a lot of attention to detail, model railway systems are individually designed and decorated.

In addition to a great deal of sensitivity, a decent amount of technical know-how is also required. Finally, all functions, lighting and controls should work at the touch of a button.

If everything then works as well on a smaller scale as on the large model, builders and visitors are equally enthusiastic.

Lovingly designed model railway layout.

Household and kitchen

Speaking of tomorrow's technology . This has already been introduced into the budget.

Yes, household appliances and kitchen appliances have been around for decades, but today intelligent vacuum and wipe robots with comfortable app control are state-of-the-art technology.

But development is also continuing with other devices, such as coffee machines.

Our electrical household helpers are becoming more functional, smarter and more economical. Let yourself be surprised.



Of course, we do not have too few recent ones either. We made sure that our toys were perfectly balanced. In addition to the classic toys, we also offer a large selection of educational learning kits and experimental boxes.

The fun of tinkering and experimenting thus provides for a lasting learning success. First the robot is assembled and then programd.

But that's not all for a long time. We invite you to explore our shop category "Automotive, Hobby and Household "extensively and to discover both great and fascinating products.  



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