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Attracting new employees - modern company equipment as the key to successful training

Many apprenticeships in industrial manufacturing cannot be filled - due to fierce competition from highly qualified, academic applicants and outdated training methods. A modern working environment with high-quality tools and equipment is playing an increasingly important role in the battle for young people in career guidance. This is why Conrad offers a wide range of innovative products from renowned manufacturers.

We have all the ingredients for success to provide you with the best possible support for your challenges.

Success in attracting the best talent

In today's world, it is more important than ever to offer a modern working environment with high-quality tools and equipment to appeal to young people in their career orientation. Technically advanced equipment can help companies succeed in the "run for talent".

Modern equipment can prepare trainees for the demands of the modern working world. With innovative products such as 3D printers, laser cutters, electronic components and software tools, trainees can improve their skills in design, manufacturing, electrical engineering and programming. Companies that offer such technical equipment can set themselves apart from other companies and thus be successful in the "run for talent". Conrad offers a wide range of innovative products from well-known manufacturers that can help companies modernize their working environment.

Technically advanced equipment can also help companies to successfully retain and motivate their employees. Employees who work with modern tools and equipment tend to be happier and more productive. With innovative technology, you ensure that employees can continue their education and improve their skills. 

Overall, technically advanced equipment is a key factor in the "run for talent". Companies that offer high-quality technology can secure a head start in attracting the best talent.

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