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Electronic components for your production

Create the optimum basis for innovation, quality and efficiency in production.

As a procurement platform for technical requirements, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio - from automation technology to power supplies and tools. So that you can concentrate on your core business

Electronic components

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Wera 6004 Joker VDE open-end wrench

Self-adjusting - Gripping - Ratcheting

The adjustable Wera 6004 Joker VDE open-end wrench automatically and continuously grips all hexagon sizes in the specified size range - metric and imperial. The integrated lever mechanism clamps the hexagon bolt or nut securely between the jaws, which significantly reduces the risk of slipping and damage.

Die 4 Einzelgrößen decken alle metrischen und zölligen Abmessungen von 7 bis 19 mm bzw. ¼" bis ¾" ab. Die Werkzeuge sind einzeln und als Set verfügbar.

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