Things to know about renewable energies

Nature provides the most cost-effective energy free of charge - you just have to use it. And anyone can do that today! Thanks to constantly improving technology, solar modules are equally suitable for wireless garden lights as for mains power generation. Solar power supply seemingly knows no bounds.

Or you can use the power of the wind to cover the electricity needs of your garden/weekend house.  If you then combine your wind generator with a solar power system, you get an unbeatable "electricity-saving team".

Solar lights and small solar systems

Solar lights are probably the simplest and cheapest way to use solar energy. 
They can now be found in almost every garden or on every house. And that is a good thing. Thanks to state-of-the-art solar cell technology, 
batteries and sophisticated LED bulbs, these lamps have now more than proven their worth. And since there are no cables to lay, installation is done in no time at all.

Just as easy to use are solar chargers, which ensure that smartphone, tablet and co. don't run out of power even when you are out and about in the great outdoors.

Solar lights

Solar sets and solar modules

If the energy requirement is greater and more than just one LED in a garden lamp is to be solar modules can also be of help. 
Whether for lighting, ventilation or power supply, there are suitable solar modules for almost all tasks. some of them are also offered as a set with the necessary accessories.

And for the construction of larger solar systems, modules are available in a wide variety Designs and performance classes.
In connection with grid inverters, it is even possible to feed the system into the electricity grid. 

Photovoltaic / solar systems

Wind generators

Wind turbines are becoming more and more popular. But it does not always have to be one of the megawatt class with a height of over 180 m and a grid feed-in. For private applications, e.g. to supplement photovoltaic systems, wind generators are perfectly 

But wind generators are also very interesting for stand-alone operation. Here the compact generators deliver considerable power even in weak wind conditions, so that their use is not limited to windy regions. Let yourself be surprised by the variety of products on offer.    

Wind Generators