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Passion for top technology and high quality, for 40 years. VOLTCRAFT offers a wide range of instruments in professional measurement technology, power supply and charging technology. Easy operation and long service life are the demands on our products. Since VOLTCRAFT also offers measurement technology for beginners, we would like to introduce these products to you. Small repairs in the household, with the help of easy-to-use measurement technology, are resource-saving and the sense of achievement, after a successful repair, is included. Furthermore we go into the building services engineering. Cable testers for network analysis or the possibilities of a thermal imaging camera are explained and create new ideas for own projects.
Customized solutions for private use, as well as innovative developments for user-friendly operation allow the efficient use of the products.

Multimeter VC-151 - The entry-level multimeter for home use.

The VC-151 multimeter is ideal for troubleshooting at home due to its features and ease of use. It supports standard measurement functions such as resistance, voltage, current and continuity. In addition, temperatures up to 400°C (e.g. oven temperature or refrigerator, freezer) can still be measured and batteries with 1.5V (e.g. Micro u. Mignon), 9V (block) and 12V (e.g. type 23A) with load test can be tested.


Outstanding features:

  • automatic range selection
  • clearly readable display even in absolute darkness
  • flashlight function on the front of the multimeter
  • simple non-contact voltage test
  • temperature measurement function via enclosed K-type probe
  • battery tester with load test



NCV - Non-contact voltage testing

The function of the non-contact voltage tester on the head part of the multimeter enables simple and fast testing - directly on the cable.

Switchable flashlight

With the flashlight function on the front part of the multimeter, a clear view can be guaranteed even in dark rooms and control cabinets.




The new VC-100 Series - Clear to read, easy to use and precise.

Discover the entire VC-100 series. All models have the clear readable display, NCV and the flashlight only the measurement functions are different depending on the model.

Model VC-131 VC-151 VC-171 VC-191
Standard measurement functions
AC current measurement - ✓ 
DC current measurement ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
LoZ Switchable   - -
Capacity measurement - - ✓ 
Frequency measurement - -
Duty Cycle - - ✓ 
Temperature measurement function - ✓  -
Battery tester - ✓  - -


Battery tester - exhausting capacity to the end

Battery tester BT-501 for accumulators and batteries

The BT-501 is a universal battery tester for almost all types of batteries available on the market. Simply select the battery type at the rotary switch and connect the test lead to the accumulator or battery. Then the voltage, the capacity in percent and the internal resistance of the cell can be read on the display.

Battery and accumulator types that can be tested with the BT-501

  • 1.2 V Ni-MH battery/accumulator round cell: AAAA, AAA, AA, A, C, SC, D
  • 1.4 V Zinc-Air Battery/Accumulator A10, A13, A312, A675
  • 1.5 V alkaline battery/accumulator round cell AAA, AA, C, SC, D
  • 1.5 V alkaline batteries/accumulator button cell: LR621 (AG1), LR726 (AG2), LR41 (AG3), LR626 (AG4), LR754 (AG5), LR921 (AG6), LR927 (AG7), LR1120 (AG8), LR936 ( AG9), LR1130 (AG10), LR721 (AG11), LR43 (AG12), LR44 (AG13)
  • 3.0 V lithium-manganese battery/battery button cell: CR1025, CR1216, CR1220, CR1616, CR1620, CR2016, CR2025, CR2032, CR2320, CR2430, CR2450
  • 3.0 V lithium-manganese battery/battery: CR123A, CR2
  • 6.0 V lithium-manganese battery/battery pack: 2CR5, CR-P2
  • 3.2 V lithium-iron-phosphate battery/battery: 10440, 14500, 14650, 17335, 17500, 18500, 18650, 26500, 22650, 26650, 32650
  • 3.7 V lithium-ion battery: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17335, 22650, 26650, 32650, 32710
  • 9.0 V alkaline battery/battery: 6LR61
  • 12.0 V Alkali Battery/Acc: 23A, 27A

Battery testers

Our recommendation - VOLTCRAFT batteries with impressive capacity

  • All battery types are packaged in an environmentally friendly way
  • High capacity
  • Optimal for consumers with high power requirements
  • Low internal resistance

Our recommendations

Check protective contact sockets for function and safety

Safety for the whole family

Sockets should be tested regularly. The VC-40 socket tester makes this easy and convenient. Three LEDs indicate the correct wiring of the socket. If a fault is detected, this is signalled by a change in the colour of the LEDs and a warning tone is emitted.



Socket tester for CEE sockets 16A and 32A

Wood splitters and wood saws with a high-voltage connection are often used in firewood production.

Here, too, the CEE sockets and extension cables should be regularly checked for correct assignment, rotating field direction and safety. VOLTCRAFT offers socket testers for 16A and 32A for this purpose. Simply plug in and check the function and direction of the rotating field at a glance.


Our recommendations

Non-contact voltage testers

Non-contact voltage testers are handy and an indispensable tool for quickly testing whether voltage is present. Extension cables, cable drums and socket strips can easily be tested for cable breakage. In addition to AC voltage, the MS-540 can also detect magnetic fields. This is especially helpful when repairing washing machines or dishwashers. The function of the inlet valves can be easily checked by approaching the measuring tip to the coil. Torch function, acoustic signalling with vibration and the wide voltage range (12-1000V AC MS-540) make the inconspicuous voltage tester the ideal companion for use at home.

Our recommendations

Various applications where a non-contact voltage tester can be used:

Network problems? Cable testers provide the remedy.

Network failures and transmission errors are often due to the cabling. Poorly connected or simply a pair of wires mixed up. Troubleshooting proves to be very tedious without suitable measuring devices. With an easy-to-use cable tester, such as the VOLTCRAFT CT-2, RJ45 network cables can be tested for continuity and correct cabling. Network cables that have not yet been laid can be tested directly via the main device. For permanently laid cables, the "remote terminator" is connected on one end and the main unit can test each wire individually on the other end. This guarantees correct cabling already during the installation of the network.

The following cables can be tested with the CT-2 cable tester:
  • Cables with 4-, 6- and 8-pin Western plugs (RJ 11 and RJ 45)
  • Cables with BNC connector plugs




Our recommendations

Determine and replace plug-in power supplies yourself

Often, when an electrical appliance fails, only the power supply unit is defective. The power supply units are usually permanently connected to the mains voltage and are therefore exposed to continuous operation. Plug-in power supplies are available in a wide variety of designs, voltage and power classes. To make it easier for you to choose the right power supply unit, the differences and technical features are explained in the following section.





Plug-in power supplies with interchangeable plugs and adjustable voltage in various power classes. The polarity of the plug is also usually adjustable and represents the most universal variant of plug-in power supplies. Plug-in power supplies with open ends are ideal if a plug-in system is not available and the old cable is to be used for connection or if a consumer only has screw terminals. Plug-in power supplies with fixed voltage are not adjustable in voltage and polarity and often have a plug-in system that is permanently connected and cannot be changed. Optimum protection against manipulation and low-loss power transmission are the advantages of this type of power supply. A special power supply variant is the plug-in power supply with 9V battery clip. A direct voltage supply of consumers with 9V and a maximum current of 0.8 A is thus possible without any problems.



Our tip: Before selecting a replacement power supply unit, please determine the type of voltage (DC or AC), the current consumption, the polarity (e.g. + inside or outside on the hollow plug), the voltage level and the dimensions or design of the plug on the basis of the old power supply unit or the consumer.



Thermal imaging cameras - visualising temperatures


Thermal imaging camera WB-80 for beginners
Thermal imaging cameras are universally applicable. Whether you want to inspect the insulation of your building, leaks in heating pipes, the course of underfloor heating coils or other thermal problem areas, a thermal imaging camera provides valuable services.

Further energy-saving potential is available when inspecting radiators. With the thermal imaging camera, air pockets in radiators can be detected. Likewise, the uniform heat emission of radiators on a floor can be checked. This allows conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the hydraulic balancing.


Our recommendations

Data logger - Continuous recording of room climate

Self-contained data loggers for humidity and room temperature are perfect for monitoring the indoor climate. Especially in highly insulated new buildings, insufficient ventilation can lead to mould damage. When using a data logger, the data can be analysed and evaluated to determine whether additional ventilation is necessary or whether the previous ventilation behaviour is sufficient. The data loggers of the DL-200 series are particularly easy to configure. Using a browser-based configuration tool, the logger can be configured via text file and is then immediately ready for use. For use in rented properties, the loggers of the DL-200 series can be equipped with a lockable wall bracket.

Our recommendations

Data logger easily configurable - with the help of a text file

All data loggers of the DL-200 series can be configured with the help of a text file. The browser tool is used to create the text file. After saving the text file on the logger, it knows exactly what to do.

Configuration via any browser offers many advantages:


  • no software installation - practically via the web browser
  • all languages
  • all operating systems
  • all logger models
  • always up to date
  • simple operation




Measuring tasks around the house

Check building moisture

The MF-100 material moisture indicator non-destructively determines the surface moisture for all types of building materials. Thus, harmful moisture that can lead to dangerous mould formation can be detected in time.


Determine residual moisture of firewood

The FM-200 moisture meter is suitable for determining the moisture content of firewood or other building materials. The robust device guarantees high accuracy and a direct value display for easy reading.

Detect gas leaks

Whether gas cooker, camping or other liquid gas containers - caution is required with natural and propane gas. The VOLTCRAFT GD-3000 Gas Leak Detector helps you to detect dangerous gas leaks and warns you visually and acoustically in case of leaking gas.


Measure carbon monoxide content

Carbon monoxide meters are useful when there is a gas cooker, a fireplace or a heater in closed rooms. The VOLTCRAFT CO-700 meter checks the carbon monoxide content in your rooms and warns both acoustically and visually.


Carry out pipe inspection yourself

Endoscope cameras are ideal for checking sewage pipes in the home. Are the pipes free of deposits or are there even pipe breaks, this can be easily checked by yourself with an endoscope camera. VOLTCRAFT offers a wide range of products for this purpose. These differ in probe diameter, probe length and equipment. (e.g. recording option, additional lateral camera, resolution, etc.).

Our recommendations

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