VOLTCRAFT sets standards in the development of multimeters

Multimeter redefined.
Housing developed from scratch with mechanical protection of operating elements and display. Non-slip. Robust. Easy to grip.
"Impressively high-contrast displays. Quick, clear and error-free readability. For all series. Top-of-the-range devices have TFT displays that can also be individually configured. Depending on personal preferences or prevailing light conditions, 
the brightness as well as a positive or negative display can be set."
"Precisely tailored solutions for practical use, as well as innovative developments for user-friendly operation, allow the products to be used efficiently. So that you can concentrate on your work."


VC-891 - The new reference


VOLTCRAFT VC-891, Flagship of the 800 Series

Whoever tries it out will not want to work with any other device.

  • TFT display with outstanding contrast 60000 counts
  • True RMS
  • Data logging via app
  • App remote control and measured value display
  • Low-pass filter 1khZ
  • Peak measurement 1 ms
  • Dual display (two measured variables can be shown on the display at the same time)
  • AC+DC measuring function (simultaneous acquisition of DC components in the AC voltage)
  • Low impedance to eliminate superpositions and ghost voltages
  • Temperature measurement function
  • Comparison measurement function (within or outside definable limits)
  • Manual and automatic range selection
  • Integrated neodymium magnets (for fixing to the control cabinet door)
  • Magnetic holding device for the measuring tips


Clearly readable

TFT display, individually configurable.


Magnetic hold in measuring and transport position.

Also in the dark

Illuminated buttons and rotary switch.

Data logger

For smartphone and tablet. (VC-871 & VC-891 only)

Remote control and remote display

Incl. voice output in the app. (VC-871 & VC-891 only)



Both hands free for measuring tips

Neodymium magnets in the device ensure a secure hold on the control cabinet door.

Power and phase shift

Direct measurement and display in watts with measuring adapter (VC-871 only)

VC-800 series

Comparison table of all VC-800 multimeters


Model VC-831 VC-851 VC-871 VC-891
Counts 6000 6000 60000 60000
True RMS ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Automatic/Manual range selection •/•  •/•  •/•  •/• 
Basic accuracy DC ± 0,5% +5 ± 0,5% +5 ± 0,08% +5 ± 0,03% +5
CAT III 1000V 1000V 1000V 1000V
CAT IV 600V 600V 600V 600V
Dual Display —  ✓ 
Peak (1ms) —  —  ✓  ✓ 
Low Pass Filter (1kHz) —  —  —  ✓ 
Temperature measurement —  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
Data logging —  —  ✓  ✓ 
Low Impedance ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
AC+DC measuring function —  —  —  ✓ 
AC power measurement —  —  ✓  — 


Measurement functions of the 800 series at a glance


Model VC-831 VC-851 VC-871 VC-891
DC voltage 1000V 1000V 1000V 1000V
AC voltage 750V 1000V 1000V 1000V
AC/DC Current 10A/10A 10A/10A 10A/10A 10A/10A
Alternating current Frequency range     45 - 400Hz 45 - 1000Hz 45 - 1000Hz 45 - 10000Hz
Resistance 60 MΩ 60 MΩ 60 MΩ 60 MΩ
Capacity 60 mF 60 mF 60 mF 60 mF
Frequency 10 MHz 10 MHz 60 MHz 60 MHz
Temperature —  -40 ~ 1000°C -40 ~ 1000°C -40 ~ 1000°C
AC Low Z 600V AC 600V AC 600V AC 600V AC
Low Z Frequency range     45 - 400Hz 45 - 1000Hz 45 - 1000Hz 45 - 1000Hz



VC-200 Series - Safety redefined

For education and training in electrical professions "Unique safety housing: if test leads are connected, the housing cannot be opened mechanically. For safe battery replacement in training and at work. When the housing is open, measuring sockets are automatically locked for safety." "The large EBTN display with measuring socket navigator helps to select the correct measuring sockets. In case of operating errors, the unit warns visually and acoustically. The small current measuring range is equipped with self-resetting fuses to minimise fuse changes in training devices."

Highest safety in training when handling dangerous voltages.

Measuring book navigator

More information about the meter book navigator
"Depending on the switch position, the correct socket assignment is shown in the lower part of the display. 
If the test leads are not connected correctly, a warning message appears on the display and a warning tone 
sounds at the same time. This function is not only useful for trainees, but also if the unit is only used occasionally."

Safe battery change

More information on safe battery replacement
"The housing of the VC-200 series can only be opened when the test leads are disconnected. 
When the housing is removed, the test sockets are locked and it is impossible to insert the 
test leads. This ensures that it is only possible to change the battery when there is no voltage."




Self-resetting fuses in the mA range

More information about the self-resetting fuses
"In the mA range of the VC-200 series, no ordinary glass tube fuses are installed, but self-resetting fuses. In the event 
of overcurrent, these fuses blow and after a short cooling phase they reset themselves automatically and the measurement 
series can be continued. The annoying, and in the long run expensive, change of fuses is completely eliminated."

Safety features in all models of the VC-200 series

More safety throughout the series
"All models of the new VC-200 series have the described safety precautions and thus 
ensure maximum user safety. In addition, each multimeter comes with special test leads that show at a glance any damage to the insulation. This is made possible by a two-colour insulation that makes damage to the test leads immediately recognisable. 
When you choose a multimeter from the VC-200 series, you not only acquire an excellent multimeter, but also a good feeling of having provided maximum safety for your charges."



Comparison table of all VC-200 multimeters

Model VC-232 VC-252 VC-272 VC-292
Measurement category CAT III 600V CAT III 600V
Display (Counts) 2000 4000 6000 6000
Temperature - - -
Frequency -
Capacity -
Duty Cycle - -
incl. ostomy forceps adapter - - -
Battery Check 1.5V/9V - -
Item number 2576860 2576861 2576862 2576863

VC-100 Series - The new compact class with high quality standards

Optimal for work, at home and for mobile service use

The new VC 100 series is designed for all measuring tasks up to CAT III 600 V. The new design and the clearly readable 
display set standards in this class. Built-in torch and non-contact voltage testing (NCV) are built into all four multimeters 
of the VC 100 series. The price-performance ratio makes this series interesting not only for professional users.

VC-100 Series

Comparison table of all VC-100 multimeters

Model VC-131 VC-151 VC-171 VC-191
Standard measurement functions
Display(Counts) 2000 4000 4000 6000
AC current measurement - ✓ 
DC current measurement ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
True RMS -
LoZ connectable - - -
Capacity measurement - - ✓ 
Frequency measurement - -
Duty Cycle - - ✓ 
Delta measurement - -
Low-pass filter - - -
Temperature measurement function - ✓  -
Battery tester - ✓  - -
Item number 2446476 2446477 2446478 2446475



Faultless readable

"The display can be read quickly and precisely in brightness and in absolute darkness. A novelty in this device class."

Non-contact voltage tester (NCV)

"The NCV functions can be used to detect the position of a cable break (e.g. cable drum or extension cable)."

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