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Calibration - ISO or via an accredited testing laboratory

Calibration via an accredited testing laboratory represents the highest standard of calibration. The testing laboratory must be approved and tested by the German accreditation body. During calibration, significantly more measuring points are required and the distance between the measured values ​​is smaller than with ISO calibration, which means that the accuracy and precision of a measuring instrument can be proven via the certificate, and this certificate is also internationally recognized.

With ISO calibration, fewer points are required in the measurement spectrum of the test object and the calibration is not as close-meshed as with an accredited testing laboratory. Nevertheless, the ISO calibration is an excellent means of proving the accuracy of modern measuring devices with a certificate.

When is which calibration required?

This question often arises when procuring new measurement technology. Is a cost-intensive calibration via an accredited laboratory required or is an ISO calibration sufficient for my company?

In DIN EN ISO 9000/9001 a traceable calibration of test equipment is required. If your company is subject to this standard, all test equipment must be calibrated. If internationally recognized certificates are required, calibration must be carried out by an accredited laboratory, otherwise the more cost-effective ISO calibration can be used.

When calibrating test equipment that provides the reference standards for other test equipment, calibration by an accredited laboratory should always be used. Furthermore, your company's requirements may require calibration by an accredited laboratory (e.g. IATF 16949).

ISO calibrated multimeters and current clamps available quickly - without waiting!

A new order of ISO-calibrated multimeters or current clamps is usually associated with a waiting period. Since the devices first have to be calibrated by an external test laboratory, delivery times of 14 days are not uncommon. By integrating our own calibration laboratory, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, directly into the logistics center in Wernberg-Köblitz, calibrations can be carried out in the shortest possible time. At the moment, handheld and table multimeters and current clamps can be tested and certified with the most modern calibrators.

The ISO calibrated devices are marked with "(ISO)" in the heading and can simply be placed in the shopping cart and ordered if required. A simple and quick procurement, without long waiting times, of ISO-calibrated multimeters and current clamps is an enormous added value for the customer and is a problem solver to procure urgently needed measuring equipment "just-in-time".

ISO calibrated multimeters with immediate availability

A small insight into the calibration laboratory in Wernberg-Köblitz. Specialists calibrating VOLTCRAFT hand-held multimeters. In the background, the high-quality calibrator and the PC system for data transfer and certificate creation. But not only handheld multimeters but also bench multimeters are calibrated there.

Clamp meters ISO calibrated with immediate availability

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