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Long-term recording

Data loggers have a clear advantage for troubleshooting or for monitoring and evaluating series of measurements. The logger takes over the measurement and saves the values internally at predefined intervals. The data can then be read out and processed.

When choosing the right data logger, the following points should be considered:

  • Which metric should be recorded?
  • Which measuring range does the device have to cover?
  • What accuracy is required for measurement data acquisition?
  • Over what period of time should the measurement take place? (measuring cycles)
  • What are the environmental conditions like? (IP protection or lockable housing required)

Perfectly configurable - with the help of a text file

All DL-200 series loggers can be easily configured via a text file. A clear browser tool helps to generate this text file. Start time, stop time, automatic, start delay, sampling rate, alarm settings with limit values ​​and much more can be easily set.

Simply save the finished text file on the logger and the logger already knows what to do.

After the end of the series of measurements, DL-200 data loggers generate a PDF with a graphic progression and corresponding log, as well as a CSV file with all the individual data. The logger behaves like a USB stick and can be read out on any computer - regardless of where the text file for the configuration was created.-->{C}


Configuration via any browser offers many advantages:

  • no software installation - practically via the web browser
  • all languages
  • all operating systems
  • all logger models
  • always up to date
  • easy handling

You can reach the configuration tool with your browser via datalogger.voltcraft.com/ConfigBuilder/index.jsp

Diverse areas of application for the DL-200 logger series

Air temperature loggers can be used, for example, to determine whether cold chains have been maintained. Air pressure loggers can be used to record weather values ​​or, to a certain extent, changes in altitude. With a lux logger, for example, you can prove when a cupboard was opened, since the lighting conditions then change. Voltage loggers can be used, for example, to evaluate operating times.


For monitoring storage conditions in logistics.

Long-term measurement of humidity to create optimal conditions.

When troubleshooting sporadic temperature fluctuations in the high-temperature range up to 1300 °C.

Product recommendations:


Log high temperatures across multiple channels

To record and automatically save temperatures over a wide range, in different media, at different measuring points and over a longer period of time - special requirements that call for special measuring devices. VOLTCRAFT also offers a suitable temperature measuring device with the highest precision for these requirements. The K202 (2-channel) or K204 (4-channel) temperature measuring device has a data logger and a connection for an external plug-in power supply to ensure the supply voltage for a long recording period.

Requirement from practice to show the high flexibility of the measuring system as an example.

Measurement requirement:

  • Temperature measurement in liquids and on surfaces
  • Temperature range 50-200 °C
  • Temperature recording over a longer period of time
  • Easy handling


  • Multi-channel data logger for K-type probes
  • Immersion probe for liquids
  • K-type surface sensor
  • Data logger with power supply connection (data recording over a longer period of time)

Suggested products:


Product recommendations:


Save thermal image for analysis and documentation

For complete documentation - be it for real estate, distribution cabinets or complex machines - it is always advantageous to save a thermal image of the current status and include it in the service plan. VOLTCRAFT offers a thermal imaging camera with data storage adapted to the needs of each target group.

Product recommendations:

Document electrical signal curves

Not only environmental data can be recorded and transferred to a PC with the appropriate communication interfaces. Voltage curves and voltage values ​​can also be saved with the right measuring instruments. Modern table multimeters, such as the VOLTCRAFT VC-7***BT series, offer this pleasant feature. Measured voltages can be saved graphically or in tabular form on an external USB stick. More complex signal sequences with high frequencies can be recorded with a storage oscilloscope, also over several channels, and the data can be documented on a storage medium. Ideal to identify timing problems in microcontrollers or blurred signals and to ensure quick troubleshooting.

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Analysis and quality assessment of accumulators

Rechargeable batteries are built into numerous devices in a wide variety of designs and cell counts. In order to determine the current status, special chargers are required that support the battery type, the number of cells and data acquisition during the charging and discharging process. Ideally, the data can be transferred to a PC via the communication interface for documentation and further analysis. The most universal charger of the VOLTCRAFT family is the ALC-8500. Four charging channels with different charging parameters are available. At the same time, the charger supports different battery types and a wide range of cells. Of course, all recorded parameters can be transmitted via USB and stored on the computer for documentation.

Product recommendations:

Log power consumption of single-phase consumers

Precision is the focus of the SEM series. The power is given with three digits after the decimal point. All settings and measurement results are managed with a smartphone or tablet and can be easily read.

Devices with the SEM 6000 Bluetooth technology save all values ​​in the energy cost measuring device. If the measurement takes longer, the values are accumulated over weeks or months. WiFi devices SEM 6500 and SEM 8500 buffer the values ​​and send them to the cloud. Long-term measurements of up to one year with individual values are possible.

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