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Measuring energy consumption

For safe and accurate consumption analysis, accurate measuring devices are needed that determine energy consumption in a simple and uncomplicated way. Plug in and read out.

Since 1995, VOLTCRAFT has been developing measuring instruments for energy costs, with which not only active power, but also reactive power, apparent power and phase shift can be mapped reliably and with laboratory accuracy. Not only electricians can thus get a complete picture of actual energy consumption.

The new class - now with cloud storage

The SEM6000 energy cost meter, which has proved itself thousands of times over, now has a big brother:

SEM6500 WiFi energy cost meter:

  • Impressive precision
  • Cloud supported by Tuya
  • Huge data memory for recording long-term measurements
  • Can be combined with smart devices

Product highlights:

Prevent heat loss through inadequate insulation

The most effective way to reduce energy costs is to thoroughly inspect the building envelope. The focus should be on insulation and airtightness. Moisture damage and cold bridges can also be detected.

Voltcraft thermal imaging cameras:

Pocket camera

Fits in the breast pocket of the work coat and is immediately at hand. High and low temperature alarm.

Smartphone solution

Thermal images can be annotated, archived or even sent if it is urgent.

The classic pistol

Different temperature ranges available. Each individual pixel is also stored as a heat value at the same time.


Comparison table thermal imaging cameras








Housing Pistol grip Pistol grip Pistol grip Pocket construction Smartphone camera Thermal imaging multimeter
Optics 50°x38° 50°x38° 40°x40° - - -
Temperature measuring range -10 do 400 °C -10 do 400 ° -20 do 600 °C -10 do 400 °C -10 do 330 °C -20 do 260 °C
Bolometer matrix 160x120 pixel 80x60 pixel 32x32 pixel 80x60 pixel 206x156 pixel 80x80 pixel
Thermal detection 150 mK 150 mK 254 mK 150 mK 100 mK
Emissivity adjustable Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Basic accuracy in % 3.5% 5% 2% 3,5% 5% 3%
Basic accuracy in °C 3,5 °C  5 °C 2 °C 3,5 °C 5 °C 3 °C
Frame rate 9 Hz 9 Hz 9 Hz 9 Hz 9 Hz 50 Hz
Protection class IP54 IP54 IP54   Housing: IP40 / Connection: IP20 IP65
Details extremely robust 2 m drop, with PC analysis software Extremely robust, with PC analysis software, 2 m drop-proof Integrated digital camera slim and lightweight housing portable design USB-C™ port for Android devices Integrated digital multimeter
Benefits Easy to operate; works reliably even under difficult conditions Large measuring range; Very good price/performance ratio; Suitable for many applications Versatile use; wide temperature measuring range; practical tracking function for cold and warm spots Small, compact, pocket-sized thermal imaging camera; high and low temperature alarms Streams thermal images to Android phones and tablets via USB-C Suitable for on-site fault diagnosis; functional multimeter is also integrated
Storage micro SDHC card microSDHC card Internal memory microSD card    
Weight 365 g 365 g 212 g 113 g 45 g 559 g
Numer produktu 2127008 1897504 2362843 2161942 2104425 1661486


Ventilate well and save energy

Ventilation in the winter months is always accompanied by a certain amount of heat loss. In order to keep the losses as low as possible, modern measuring technology can be used as a tool for optimising the shock ventilation.

The more people there are in a room, the faster the air is "used up". The result: the CO2 content rises and the concentration of everyone present falls. But not only that: as the proportion of exhaled air increases, so does the burden of viruses and bacteria, which increases the risk of infection from airborne pathogens.

Product recommendations:


Switch to LED lamps and save energy

Measuring brightness

Room lighting and workplace lighting offer opportunities for further energy-saving measures. Switching from fluorescent tubes or halogen to modern LED technology can effectively reduce unnecessary electricity costs.

But how much light is needed? This can only be checked with a suitable LUX meter. If the values are not sufficient, further measures must be taken, such as the number and strength of the lighting sources.

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Recharge again and again instead of throwing it away

Replacing batteries with rechargeable ones is sustainable and saves resources and harmful waste. VOLTCRAFT has decades of experience in developing processor-controlled chargers for all battery types.

Today, modern rechargeable batteries can be used in the same way as batteries. Charge them once and use them as required. The Endurence technology makes it possible and combines the advantages of batteries (low self-discharge) with the advantages of rechargeable batteries (always rechargeable).

VOLTCRAFT round cell chargers are suitable for all battery technologies and battery sizes. There is even a suitable charger for rechargeable button cells.

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