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Full use - especially mobile

Out in the repair and maintenance field, you can rely on the best tools to get the job done. With smart companions and digital aids, you'll be well equipped to meet any challenge in the field.


Testo - Digital installer aids, refrigerant scale and app


The team for service and maintenance on refrigeration systems and heat pumps


Since the use of refrigeration systems involves a considerable consumption of resources, it is all the more important to operate systems professionally and efficiently. To ensure smooth operation of the plant, Testo products are at your side - they reliably cover all measurement tasks related to refrigeration technology. In addition, they make your work more efficient and convenient than ever before.


Adjusting the refrigeration system: thanks to wireless interaction of the testo 557s, 550s and 550i installer aids with the Smart Probes and the testo Smart App for measuring pressure, temperature and humidity.

Charge refrigeration system: thanks to wireless interaction of the new refrigerant scale testo 560i and smart valve with the testo Smart App and fitter aids for charging according to refrigerant weight, superheat and subcooling.

Evacuate refrigeration system: thanks to wireless interaction of testo 552i with the testo Smart App for cable- and hose-free vacuum measurement.

Knipex – Pipe and electrical installation

Pipe cutting

KNIPEX cutting tools for working with all types of pipes have one thing in common: they have been developed perfectly for the respective pipe type, make work easier by minimizing the amount of force required, combine several work steps in one tool, and are innovative and flexible in their use:

For example, with the KNIPEX pipe cutter for composite and plastic pipes, aluminum composite and plastic pipes up to 26 mm in diameter can be cut with up to 60 percent less effort than with conventional shears. Cutting and chamfering in one step, that's what the KNIPEX DP50 stands for. The perfect sanitary helper cuts plastic pipes with a diameter of 32, 40 or 50 mm and wall thicknesses of up to 2.4 mm. The specialist KNIPEX TubiX® XL  pipe cutter makes perfect cuts on copper, brass and stainless steel pipes with wall thicknesses of up to 2 mm and diameters of 6 to 76 mm (1/4" - 3").

Electrical installation

Maximum precision, the greatest possible safety or simply the perfect basic equipment for every electrical professional - all this can be found in the KNIPEX product portfolio.

The  VDE tool set  from KNIPEX focuses on safety, user benefits and quality. The high-quality basic set for working on electrical installations consists of voltage-insulated combination pliers, side cutters and flat round-nose pliers. The KNIPEX NexStrip® guarantees enormous time savings, because the multi-tool can cut, strip and crimp. Today, crimping teechnology is one of the most reliable, versatile and cost-effective connection techniques. The self-adjusting crimping tool for wire end ferrules for reliable hexagonal crimping of wire end ferrules and twin wire end ferrules with extended capacity enables highly precise and standard-compliant work with maximum ease of use.

Wera 2go

Compact, Clever, Wera - The right tool always at hand

Why do you so often not have the right tool at hand? The reason: too many tools and tool bags that are too heavy often make carrying them around a nuisance. For us, it was a clear matter of designing tools and tool sets for as many applications as possible that can also be taken along on mobile assignments without any problems.

Our solution: Kraftform Kompakt tools and tool sets in textile bags. e.g. a handle into which blades with different profiles can be inserted. Compact and protected stowed in lightweight and robust textile bags. In addition, various tool and user sets that enable many jobs to be performed with just one set.

The tin boxes familiar from the past, which require at least one hand to transport, can now be replaced by the compact boxes and bags. And the significantly reduced weight of a set makes it much more comfortable to carry than ever before. Compact - Clever - Wera.

Voltcraft - Measurement technology for customer repair service

Passion for top technology and high quality, for more than 40 years. VOLTCRAFT offers a wide range of devices in professional measurement technology, power supply and charging technology. Special requirements are placed on mobile measurement technology for on-site troubleshooting. Long battery and accumulator runtimes, clearly readable displays in all lighting conditions or special features that simplify troubleshooting and shorten repair times. VOLTCRAFT has incorporated the requirements from practice into the development of mobile measurement technology to support the trade in their daily work.


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