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Secure innovations and competitive advantages

Increase your efficiency, productivity and work safety with our cutting-edge solutions. Optimize the quality of your products, save valuable time and reduce costs in manufacturing and transportation. Our extensive range of electronic components paves the way for exciting, innovative and automated production possibilities.


Robust and reliable connectivity for industrial automation


New digital technologies have driven the development of the smart factory, in which operational technology is combined with the latest information technology. This allows machines to communicate with each other and with the company in real time, enabling the factory to adapt quickly to changes in demand, safety requirements and information security protocols.

Molex is known worldwide for its pioneering end-to-end solutions in industrial automation. They support their customers with a comprehensive range of robustly designed and engineered infrastructure solutions specifically tailored to demanding manufacturing environments, such as automotive, material handling, food and beverage, commercial vehicles and more.


High Power Relay Series 68 - The most powerful relay from Finder


Finder’s 68 Series comprises high-performance, high-power relays that can switch up to 2 x 100 A continuous current. Coupled with excellent ambient temperature performance at up to 85°C, this makes these new products ideal for current-sensitive applications in charging technology, grid technology, lighting, automation/lifts and much more. The first design-ins have already been performed for charging stations for forklifts and electric vehicles, as well as in the areas of process automation and renewable energies. These state-of-the-art products are also ideally suited for wind power, solar power, lighting technology and all power-intensive applications in automation technology.

The 68 series relays are characterised by low power consumption and a holding power of only 0.7 W.


Reliable all-in-one solutions for factories, machines and plants


Data, the most valuable asset of industrial digitization, must be transmitted reliably and at the right time between all components of the data network. Higher temperatures, an oily environment or electromagnetic interference place special demands on the structure of the data cables. Moving machine parts or applications in robots expose the cables to additional mechanical stress due to torsion or bending. To ensure a long service life in these applications, it is necessary to have the right solution for industrial communication.

As one of the world's leading suppliers of connectivity solutions, LAPP understands customers' challenges very well. The products are perfectly adapted to industrial applications and offer you solutions to connect all components of your data network.


The precision for professionals


With its products, KERN & SOHN makes an important contribution to the automation of your processes and procedures as well as the transport of your goods, merchandise and services.

Here, precision and analytical scales provide the most accurate and finest weighing results. But you can also weigh heavy packages, pallets or other containers precisely and properly with table-, package-, platform-, floor-, drive-through and pallet scales - the basis for target-oriented planning of your transport and logistics routes.

In addition, counting scales and counting systems from KERN facilitate and accelerate the correct determination of the quantities of your products in the course of inventories and before delivery to customers.

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