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Optimize energy efficiency with premium components

Discover essential electronic components and systems from top-tier manufacturers for managing and controlling electronic power flows. Secure your future viability and innovation capacity in industries such as automation, robotics, biomechanics, power electronics, mechatronics and renewable energies.

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Renewable energy

Embrace energy alternatives and shape the future

Energy transition

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Automation & transportation

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Data connectors for front panel installation

USB and RJ45 data sockets in industrial applications

Many devices and systems use data interfaces for configuration or for service technician access. As the electronics are often permanently installed in the systems, an interface connection to the outside needs to be established. As usual, data sockets from TRU Components can be screwed into 19/22 mm holes for standard control elements.

Different models with IP or dust protection and a huge variety of wall thicknesses, materials and USB types are available for use in your project.

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