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Benefit from sustainable energy alternatives

Harness the power of the sun, wind and water, and benefit from efficient and sustainable energy alternatives. Explore our comprehensive selection of components and systems designed for renewable energy applications and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

Phoenix Contact

Generator connection boxes for photovoltaic systems

Generator connection boxes protect various parts of rooftop systems against direct lightning strikes and overvoltage. Phoenix Contact offers an extensive portfolio of ready-to-install generator connection boxes that can be mounted onto your rooftop systems immediately.

How you benefit:

  • All sets are contained in dust-tight, jet-proof housings (IP65)

  • Fast installation and start-up thanks to pre-assembly of the generator connection boxes

  • Maintenance-free connection of PV strings using SUNCLIX or push-in connection technology

  • Standard-compliant switchgear assembly in accordance with DIN EN 61439


High quality compounds for photovoltaic projects

Reliable, durable cabling between individual solar modules and to inverters and storage systems is crucial for the efficient operation of photovoltaic systems. These cables must be able to reliably withstand all external influences so that the energy generated can get to where it is needed. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connection technology, HELUKABEL has decades of experience in the photovoltaic industry and supplies the perfect cables, lines and accessories for every application. HELUKABEL supports manufacturers, installers and operators of photovoltaic systems all over the world in generating clean, sustainable and renewable energy.

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