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Capture, convert and store solar energy.

Cost-effective entry into the use of renewable energy. Save electricity, prevent blackouts and use your stored energy to charge your devices and equipment anywhere.


Fresh wind for off-grid power supply

Phaesun is a specialist in the installation of photovoltaic and wind power systems for off-grid power supply. The German company offers products from all renowned manufacturers as well as a comprehensive range of services from international project management and customer training to technical support. The product portfolio includes the most important components for off-grid power supply.

Sun Plus

Equipped with a scratch-resistant, anodized, double-walled aluminum frame, Sun Plus solar modules are suitable for industrial applications. The crystalline cells are embedded in low-iron oxide crystal glass and double-layer highly resistant film.

Hybrid Kit Sun Wind One

When there is less solar radiation in winter, the wind generator provides the necessary energy for the operation of 12 volt consumers. With a 230 volt inverter also applicable for AC standard devices.

Sun Store 250

Phaesun Sun Store AGM batteries are very robust, waterproof, cycle resistant and have a long life. They are very efficient and best suited as all-round batteries.

Clean, quiet and portable power supply - anytime, anywhere


EcoFlow was founded in 2017 by a group of drone engineers who wanted to transfer the lightness and durability of a drone battery to high-performance energy storage products. Today, as a company dedicated to portable power and renewable energy solutions, EcoFlow produces not only the industry's leading portable power stations, but also eco-friendly accessories such as solar panels and smart generators. The DELTA and RIVER series power station product lines put clean, quiet, industrial-scale renewable energy in the hands of consumers for adventure, work and backup power. EcoFlow is headquartered in Shenzhen, China's Silicon Valley and center for battery innovation, with offices in Los Angeles, Prague and Tokyo. EcoFlow has customers in over 85 markets and regions, including the U.S., Japan, China, Australia and throughout the European Union.

Mobile power packs made by VOLTCRAFT

Even on the road, 230V mains voltage is often required if the devices to be operated only have a mains voltage connection. With inverters from VOLTCRAFT with 12V or 24V input voltage and different output powers, you are equipped for every application.




Wherever there is no power outlet within reach, Voltcraft's mobile power stations provide a reliable power supply. The powerful batteries are charged via a DC power supply or with an optional solar module (not included).

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