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Top brands in the field of automation & robotics

Siemens - Control modules

You have the choice and Siemens has the answer

It all starts with the project... and which controller to choose? The answer to a quick, uncomplicated and space-saving solution for control and simple regulation tasks clearly falls on LOGO! - however, when it comes to controlling and regulating larger systems with many work steps, the use of the SIMATIC S7-1200 is recommended as a compact but flexible control solution.

LOGO! and the direct cloud connection open up a wide range of possible applications in industry, such as controlling pumps and fans, as well as in building automation, such as time-controlled lighting or intelligent monitoring of energy consumption. A new addition to the LOGO! family is the LOGO! CIM communication module. SINAMICS V20 frequency inverters can now be controlled using the integrated Modbus RTU interface.

The modular SIMATIC S7-1200 controller is the core of the Siemens range for simple but high-precision automation tasks. The controller is modular and compact, versatile, a safe investment and perfectly suited for a complete range of applications. The S7-1200 CPUs are also available with Safety Integrated to implement both standard and safety-related tasks.

Schneider Electric - Extraction systems

Extraction systems with„Stop & Go“ energy-efficient and safe control

Many industrial tasks generate harmful dust, chips or toxic vapors. In order to protect people, the German Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) requires extraction systems that direct emissions to the outside via exhaust air systems or suck them in and distribute them back into the room after cleaning (recirculation system). As it takes too much time to switch on the machine when there is an acute need and there is a risk of particles being captured, extraction systems usually run continuously.

Disadvantage: uninterrupted operation is very energy-intensive. It is therefore much more efficient not to switch off extraction systems, but to put them in standby mode and switch them back to active mode when required. This "stop-and-go operation" is possible with Altivar Machine ATV320 frequency inverters from Schneider Electric. The integrated logic controller can be used to program functions for the extraction system and actively control the extraction frequency. Even in harsh environments.


Rittal - Control Cabinets

AX compact control cabinet with system

The AX compact enclosure sets new standards. With integrated enclosure cams, it has the same 25 mm system spacing as Rittal large enclosures. The AX is designed so that no mechanical processing is required for the interior installation. This results in the greatest possible flexibility when retrofitting. The AX is available with a wide range of accessories that can be attached without drilling.

This is made possible by the cams on the housing. These ensure stable attachment of the interior installation rail. Even if requirements change, it is no problem to retrofit the missing components or replace parts. This saves an enormous amount of time when fitting the interior. No drilling means no holes and no risk to approvals. Even when using Rittal accessory components that close an existing opening in the enclosure, such as handles or wall brackets, the UL approvals are retained.

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