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EU ban on placing fluorescent lamps on the market in 2023 - plan and prepare early.

The ban on placing on the market will apply to compact fluorescent lamps and ring lights from February 2023 and to certain fluorescent tubes from August 2023. Conversion in good time helps to save costs and energy.


Saving energy starts with measurement. With mobile and stationary power measurement.

With intelligent measurement technology, energy-saving potential can be identified and implemented with suitable product solutions.

Time to act! Get ahead of the ban on fluorescent lamps. With LED tubes from LEDVANCE.

The world's leading lighting technology company is the place to go for professional lighting solutions. Ledvance's portfolio includes a wide range of LED luminaires and the right technology for smart buildings with high-quality light management systems. Always with an eye on the potential savings that Ledvance's range of products focuses on.

Even small measures offer great opportunities: Conversion to smart LED technology and motion detectors in less frequented rooms, timers or daylight sensors with dimmers ensure that lighting is only in operation when it is actually required by the presence of people.

Where it was possible without problems, most light sources have already been converted to LED. In 2023, the ban on the marketing of compact fluorescent lamps and ring lights within the EU will come into force. Timely preparation and conversion already makes sense for companies in order not to run into a supply bottleneck.

The luminous efficacy of conventional tubes cannot be transferred 1:1 to that of the LED variant. Their beam angle is not identical. Therefore, we recommend carrying out an application-specific lighting design in order to have the same lighting level after replacing the tubes.

Chauvin Arnoux: Save and monitor energy

Due to rising prices of energy sources, the topics around energy management are on everyone's lips. We have all dealt with our energy costs and are trying to optimize the use of energy and the purchase of power. Energy efficiency is playing an increasingly important role. Many companies are already modernizing their production equipment or changing manufacturing processes. At the same time, however, it is also necessary to ensure that the equipment is adequately maintained.

Today, measuring not only means handling a C.A. meter correctly, but also evaluating the measurement results correctly. This is where Chauvin Arnoux provides support with a comprehensive range of training courses in workshop format. More articles from Chauvin Arnoux in the Chauvin Arnoux brand store.

The family of power and energy recorders PEL

Measurements are the basis for any improvement in the energy efficiency of a plant and for monitoring power grids. Accurate energy measurements and the correct allocation of the measured consumption data for machines and plants, are the prerequisites for energy optimization. Only in this way can diagnoses, controls and improvement measures be effectively enforced in the long term.

Chauvin Arnoux offers with its energy and power recorders of the PEL series an affordable, very easy to use measuring device for necessary measurements for the ISO 50001 standard on the market. The PEL is used to measure and record consumption at electrical installations in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs. The recording of electricity consumption at any point of electrical installations in industry and commerce is very simple, as the PELs are portable and easy to install. Collecting, storing and analyzing all important energy data is very easy for all types of networks and with the associated software PEL Transfer.

The power and energy recorder PEL is one of the most important portable measuring devices for the energy measurement market. The DataView software can be used to quickly create protocols.

Useful accessories and a wide range of flexible transformers and current clamps allow easy measurements in AC and DC networks.

Siemens - Digitalization meets miniaturization.


This is how you respond to the new requirements for building and plant installations.

High installation costs, insufficient space for new functions, extremely complex retrofits of existing installations and rapidly changing standards make it difficult to meet the time and cost pressures. What's more, protective devices in electrical installations have to do more than ever before.

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SENTRON installation devices

SENTRON installation devices: compact performers - safe, slim and smart

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The SENTRON portfolio from Siemens is the solution - the compact design of SENTRON installation devices combines the functions of two devices in one with up to 50 % less space requirement. Less wiring lets you save time and make installation easier. The compact design also offers advantages in retrofitting. Old devices can be easily replaced by the new compact devices, as no additional space is required. The measurement and communication functions of the latest SENTRON installation devices also unlock the full potential of digitalization.


With the SENTRON portfolio from Siemens, you and your installations are optimally protected. Benefit today from reduced downtime and maximum plant availability.

You can find many more devices in the Siemens brand store >>


Against the current - Measuring electrical consumption quickly and easily

VOLTCRAFT offers energy cost meters that map all relevant factors such as active power, reactive power, apparent power and the phase shift. Simply plug in and read off.

VOLTCRAFT SEM5000 Energy Cost Meter

  • Measurement of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, cost forecasts
  • LED ring changes color depending on energy measurement
  • Electricity tariffs can be set for two billing periods

VOLTCRAFT SEM6000 Energy Cost Meter

  • Precise measurement and display of power consumption and power factor to 3 decimal places
  • LED ring changes color depending on the power measured
  • Convenient control via free iOS and Android app

40 years of VOLTCRAFT -Energy Saving


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